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Are you a recent retiree looking for ways to keep busy? Are you the adult child of a senior citizen who needs a little help?  Here are the top 10 senior resources available for you in Cobb County.

1. Cobb Senior Services (CSS)

A recent study by the University of Texas found that seniors who socialize regularly are healthier and live longer than those who don’t. Applying for a free CSS membership is a great way to stay connected to other seniors.

As a CSS member, you can register for activities and programs at any of the county’s senior centers. Play bridge, pinochle, or dominos. Sign up for a class and learn Spanish, painting, or tai chi. Join in an exercise program and try Zumba, yoga, or Pilates. Click here for more information on the centers and what programs they offer.

Want to get out of town for a day? With your CSS membership, you can spend an afternoon touring a historic town, or gambling at a nearby casino. Click here for the dates and costs of upcoming day trips and find out how to register.

The CSS information and referral desk can also connect you with other metro Atlanta agencies that provide senior resources. Call them at 770-528-5364.

2. Aloha to Aging

This Marietta nonprofit is another great resource for Cobb County seniors and caregivers. Open Monday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Aloha to Aging offers social and wellness activities for seniors, as well as support groups and educational programs for their caregivers. Its Aloha Day Club day care program is designed to give caregivers a break. To find out more, call 770-722-7641.

3. Georgia Aging & Disability Resource Connection (ADRC)

The Georgia ADRC is a network of organizations that work together to support seniors and their caregivers. This comprehensive resource is a good place to find information about a wide variety of topics including long-term care options and applying for benefits to which you may not realize you are entitled.

4. GeorgiaCares

If you need help navigating the Medicare system, contact Georgia Cares. Volunteers can help you choose the plan that’s right for you, and show you how to find out if you qualify for free or reduced cost prescription drugs. This service is free for seniors and their caregivers.

5. Empowerline

Everyone likes to save money, but it’s especially important when you’re a senior living on a fixed income. This regional branch of Empowerline is a great resource for seniors who need help paying utility or property tax bills.

Your journey to senior living starts here, with this step-by-step guide that  covers everything you need to know to get started.

6. Meals on Wheels

Good nutrition is important at every age, but sometimes seniors don’t eat the way they should. It may be difficult for them to cook, or they may be taking prescription medicines that dull their appetites. Meals on Wheels delivers hot, nutritious food to Cobb County seniors who can no longer prepare meals for themselves. To see if you qualify for the program, call 770-528-5364.

7. Marietta Department of Veterans Service

If you are a veteran, this local branch of the VA can help you apply for benefits you may be entitled to as a Georgia resident. These include property tax exemptions, reduced cost driver’s licenses, and discounted admission fees to Georgia State Parks. For more information, call 770-528-3254.

Veterans ages 55 and older are invited to attend social gatherings around Cobb County four mornings per month. For more information about Veteran Connection, call 770-528-1448.

8. Paratransit

The county’s CobbLinc transit service operates Paratransit. It offers curb-to-curb service for riders who have disabilities that prevent them from using the regular bus routes.

9. Southeastrans

This organization provides free rides to doctor’s appointments for Medicaid recipients. For the northern region, which serves Cobb County, call 678-510-4555.

10. Elderly Legal Assistance Program

Free legal advice is available to Cobb County seniors ages 60 and older through this program.

Sometimes, even with all the resources available, the best option is a move to a senior living community like Arbor Terrace of Burnt Hickory in Marietta. At Arbor Terrace, all your needs are met, and you are free to spend your time doing what you love. Arbor Terrace helps residents engage with one another, gives them plenty to do, and feeds them three gourmet meals a day. They also provide care for residents who develop dementia.

If you’d like to see everything Arbor Terrace has to offer you or your loved one, schedule a tour by visiting their website or calling 770-691-0050.

Start your journey to senior living today with this step-by-step guide

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