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Nestled 40 minutes northwest of the bustling city of Atlanta, Marietta is a welcome retreat for visitors and residents alike. This historic town is beautiful and packed with local shopping and dining opportunities. If you or your senior loved one are currently living in the Marietta area, you can rest assured that senior care throughout the region is as lovely as the town itself.

Finding a senior living community can be overwhelming no matter where you live. However, you can find the best fit for your situation by choosing to focus on environment and engagement at the beginning of your decision-making process.


First, as you begin to look for a senior living community in Marietta, check out the environment. Find assisted living communities that are in areas of Marietta that you love, or that are nearby to family members. Once you have your ideal location, you can begin to look at the community itself by setting up a tour.

Senior communities can show their age quickly, but newer communities feature not only beautiful surroundings, but also the latest in senior technology. Consider choosing a community that is either newly built or newly renovated so that you, or your senior loved one, can take advantage of all that technology has to offer.

Finally, check out the environment in regard to the staff members. You want to search for a senior community that is dedicated to family communication as well as to providing choice to residents at every turn. When you tour the community, watch staff members interacting with residents. Ask if you can speak to the executive director or if there are regular family nights that encourage shared leisure experiences. Each of these small interactions adds up to give you a glimpse of life inside the community.


Beyond the environmental factors such as location and community culture, ensure that you are investigating the opportunities for resident engagement. More than just an activity calendar, engaging communities offer the chance for residents to participate in new learning, recreation, volunteerism, and even spiritual exploration. During your tour, observe residents in a group activity, as well as keeping an eye out for what types of materials residents have access to. Are there tablets and computers available for resident use? Is there a library or a library visitation program? How many crochet supplies and woodworking opportunities are there? Is there the chance for residents to get outside and walk a trail?

Engagement within the senior community is important, but it is also crucial that residents are an active part of the greater Marietta community. Check for trips to local parks and to the library, for shopping excursions that support local stores, and even for a day trip or two to the museums in Atlanta.

If you, or your loved one, are seeking an assisted living or memory care community in the Marietta area, you simply must tour Arbor Terrace of Burnt Hickory. This brand new, state-of-the-art community is committed to family communication and resident engagement just as much as it is dedicated to providing exceptional care. Tour this new community today!

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