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Fostering Deep Connections

Socializing with peers is essential for those living with Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia. That's why we designed our Bridges neighborhood, to serve as a Marietta, GA early stage cognitive decline program.

We encourage healthy socialization and cognitive exercise through fun, meaningful events and programs. Your loved one will be welcomed into a warm, caring community of both residents and staff.

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Total Wellness for Mental and Physical Health

Staying healthy requires more than just exercise. We prioritize total wellness to help slow down cognitive decline. Our team of experts will partner with you and your loved one to create an individualized care plan to meet their unique needs.

A variety of exercise classes, activities, and events designed to stimulate the body and mind are regularly offered to keep residents feeling their best.

Your loved one's safety is our top priority. Medication management is also provided to eliminate the possibility of missing or doubling a dose.

Find the Right Support
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Personalized Retirement for Your Loved One

Living alone can feel isolating and managing household tasks by yourself can become overwhelming.

But when your loved one lives in our Bridges neighborhood, they can simply focus on wellness and connection.

Our team is glad to take care of maintenance and housekeeping so your loved one can spend their time enjoying events, engaging in activities, and building connections.

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Engaging the Mind, Body, and Soul

At Arbor Terrace, we're establishing a new standard for senior living. We're committed to providing the highest quality of life for every resident, despite the cognitive challenges they may face. Here, residents can experience enriching activities and events that inspire and encourage them on their journey.

Art icon Art and Education Stimulating the mind by learning another language, painting a portrait, or exploring a new craft or skill.
three people in blue outline icon Deep Connections Feeling connected to a lively community. We ask the right questions and take the time to listen. It’s why residents accomplish amazing things here — things they never thought possible on their own.
Women stretching in blue outline icon Health and Wellness Our exercise programs are designed especially for seniors to improve mobility, maintain fitness, and even challenge the brain — all in a fun format.
Purposeful Living Purposeful Living At Arbor Terrace, residents are meaningfully engaged throughout the day. An important part of that includes opportunities to volunteer and give back to others while remaining actively involved in the community.
Blue icon of tree and bench with clouds Recreation and Leisure We go out of our way to fulfill each resident’s wish list. From live music to barbecues to karaoke nights, if you can dream it, chances are that we’ll try it. And we love helping with family get-togethers.
Praying hands icon Spiritual Journey For many, the health of one’s soul is as meaningful as the health of one’s body. And so we offer ample opportunities for structured religious activities and individual reflection.
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Delectable Dining and Lively Conversations

Meal time feeds both the body and soul here at Arbor Terrace. Our chefs create delicious dishes that pair splendidly with laughter and conversation.

In our Bridges neighborhood, three meals are provided for our residents each day. Guests are welcome to join the fun at mealtime with the purchase of a ticket prior to dining.

Things to Do and Enjoy Around Every Corner

At Arbor Terrace, your loved one decides how to spend each day. They can choose to stay cozy in the library with a good book, try an art class, or stroll through the luscious gardens outside. Excursions provide opportunities to explore Marietta and nearby Atlanta in a safe, group setting. Our goal is to help your loved one feel like their true self by supporting their interests, preferences in a safe, peaceful way.

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Experience the Best of Marietta

Living at Arbor Terrace East Cobb is exceptional because we're located the heart of Cobb County.

This historic town has plentiful dining, shopping, and entertainment options blending old-world charm with modern conveniences.

With beautiful trails, parks, museums, and other attractions nearby, there is always something fun to do when entertaining a guest here in Marietta, Georgia. 


Bridges Neighborhood Floor Plans

Experience the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and convenience with our thoughtfully designed floor plans. We don't just offer apartments, we provide you with a home tailored to meet your unique needs. From cozy studios to one-bedroom apartments, each of our floor plans is designed to offer you the ultimate in comfort and convenience. You'll love coming home to Arbor Terrace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of apartment floor plans are available in the Bridges neighborhood?

Are you ready to transition to the Bridges neighborhood at Arbor Terrace East Cobb? If so, you can choose the Hampton apartment, a studio apartment with one bath. Or you can choose the Madison apartment, a one-bed, one-bath apartment floor plan.

If you want to see these apartment floor plans to understand which one is ideal, schedule a tour today at Arbor Terrace East Cobb!

At which stage should someone with dementia move into the Bridges neighborhood in Marietta, GA?

The Bridges neighborhood at Arbor Terrace East Cobb is designed for seniors in the early stages of Alzheimer's or dementia. It is equipped to care for seniors with only mild cognitive impairment that is just starting to become noticeable.

The Bridges neighborhood is not designed for seniors who have progressed Alzheimer's or dementia or require 24/7 supervision.

What's the difference between a nursing home and the Bridges neighborhood at Arbor Terrace East Cobb?

Nursing homes are very popular options for seniors in Marietta, GA, but they aren't the only option you have. Nursing homes are more clinical and do not provide the same personalization a community at Arbor Terrace East Cobb does. Although nursing homes can care for residents with cognitive decline, they do not specialize in this area.

The Bridges neighborhood at Arbor Terrace East Cobb is more personalized and gives residents more independence. They have access to specialized programs and activities to help slow the progression of cognitive decline.

The Bridges neighborhood provides more opportunities for socialization and allows residents to get a higher level of care than they would at a nursing home. To schedule a tour of our Bridges neighborhood, contact us today at Arbor Terrace East Cobb.

How can the Bridges neighborhood be paid for?

If you are worried about the expenses of getting memory care at the Bridges neighborhood, this is more affordable than you may realize. At Arbor Terrace East Cobb, we provide affordable options and accept different programs to help you cover your care expenses. For instance, we accept veteran's benefits!

Contact us today at Arbor Terrace East Cobb for more information about Bridges neighborhood expenses.

What types of features are in place to keep residents safe in the Bridges neighborhood?

Those who are in the early stages of cognitive decline require a safer and more secure living environment. Because of this, we provide security features such as secure entrances and exits, surveillance cameras, emergency response systems, and round-the-clock trained caregivers.

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