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Community News In their own words: The Benefits of Moving to The Solana East Cobb

The decision to move into a senior living community is not always an easy one to make. Sometimes the decision has to be made on behalf of your loved one for their own safety. However, what may begin with hesitation can end up being one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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Community News An Evening with Elvis

We were treated to an exciting performance from the King of Rock himself, Elvis! Our residents, families, and staff were all shook up, hearing their favorite songs— he even serenaded some of our female residents in their seats.

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Community News The Solana East Cobb Recognized as Best Memory Care Community

The Solana East Cobb is honored to be selected as a Best Memory Care Community by, recognizing excellence in memory care based on research, reviews, and several key performance indicators.

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Community News Showing our Solana Spirit at Solana East Cobb

Some special staff members demonstrate The Solana spirit by sharing why they love working at The Solana East Cobb.

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Community News The Solana East Cobb Wins 2022 Pinnacle Award 

We are ecstatic to share that The Solana East Cobb has  won a 2022 Pinnacle Customer Experience Award for providing a superior customer experience for our residents.

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Senior Living Options Infographic: Senior Living Options in Marietta | The Solana East Cobb

When it comes to senior living, the options can seem endless. We created this chart to help you understand the different levels of care, and identify which best fits your or your loved one's needs. 

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Assisted living Why Assisted Living in East Cobb Could Be Right for You

When you first began planning your retirement, you might have had visions of wine tastings, a second career, endless time in the garden, or picking up a new skill. As you age, the reality of retirement often fails to live up to the fantasy — especially when physical health issues make it difficult for your body to do what your mind desires. Assisted living in East Cobb, Georgia, can support you to finally achieve the retirement you want, supported by caring staff and with plenty of access to a vast array of special events and fun activities. Here are five reasons that assisted living could be the right choice for you. 

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Senior living What Does Exceptional Senior Living Look Like in East Cobb?

About 10,000 people turn 65 each day — a figure that will reach 12,000 in the next few years. With so many new retirees, communities across the globe are adapting to meet the needs of seniors in retirement. For many seniors, exceptional senior living means remaining at home for as long as possible. Much of that commitment to aging in place is rooted in myths about senior living.

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Senior living Atlanta Senior Living: Finding the Best Community for a Loved One

Remaining in the home becomes more difficult over time for both aging loved ones and their family caregivers, which leads many families to turn to Atlanta senior living to help their loved ones thrive, not just get by.

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Senior Living Options 6 Must-Haves for Senior Apartments in Marietta, GA

Everyone brings different must-haves for senior apartments in Marietta based on their individual needs and personal preferences. Some people want privacy above all else, for example, while others want a talkative, welcoming roommate. Still, there are a few must-haves for senior apartments that foster flexibility, affordability, and healthy aging that should be on everyone’s list.

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