Are you or a loved one planning to retire to assisted living in Marietta, GA? When it comes to assisted living, there’s nothing like the peace of mind in knowing you or a loved one is receiving the best quality care that meets and exceeds all expectations. In addition, it is essential to ensure the community of your choice complies with all state and local regulations as well as provides a safe and supportive environment.

Mandatory regulations that are specific to assisted living are put in place to protect the well-being of residents and to maintain the highest standard of care, which is why it’s crucial to put time into researching them before making a decision on where to live. Here’s a step-by-step guide to check the assisted living regulations in the state of Georgia as well as Marietta’s local assisted living communities.

1. First Look Into the State of Georgia’s Assisted Living Regulations

Before you take your research to the local level, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the regulations specific to the state you are planning to reside. In this case, Georgia. For all of the information and resources your family needs, visit the Georgia Department of Community Health’s website to access the state’s regulations related to assisted living that communities must meet to operate legally. 

 2. Contact the Georgia Department of Community Health

The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) is the organization that oversees the licensure and regulation of assisted living communities within the state. You can easily connect with a team member of the DCH for information on licensed facilities, regulations and any recent violations or inspections. The DHC should also be able to provide you and loved ones with answers to specific questions about assisted living regulations in the Marietta area specifically. 

3. Know Your Online Resources

 In addition to the DHC, there are countless other available resources to help you verify the compliances of assisted living communities in Marietta as well as nationally. These include but are not limited to websites such as the Georgia Assisted Living Association (GALA) and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL). Both of these organizations provide information about regulations, news, data and research, best practices and frequently asked questions regarding senior living communities.

4. Visit the Communities in Person

At The Arbor Company, we put immense care into making senior individuals and their family feel welcome to visit our communities, including The Solana East Cobb, located in the heart of Marietta. Once you’ve identified a potential assisted living community in Marietta, consider visiting in person and even staying on location or nearby to acclimate to the area. While on tours, you can ask for a copy of the community’s licensing documentation and any recent inspection reports. This will give you a better idea that compliance to regulations is of the highest importance.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

During your visit to assisted living communities, take the opportunity to ask questions about their adherence to regulations. Inquire about staffing ratios, staff training for specific medical needs, emergency procedures and the suite of services they provide. A reputable organization will be openly transparent and willing to address any concerns. Just as the safety of your family is a top priority to you, it should be the top priority to the place you or loved ones call home.

6. Talk to Residents and Their Families 

The next step is taking the time to speak with current residents and their families about the lifestyle in the community you are considering. They can provide valuable insights into the community’s compliance with regulations as well as situations that may have come up and how those situations were handled. Ask thoughtfully about experiences and whether they feel their needs are being met, especially in accordance with state guidelines. Their feedback can and should be instrumental in your decision-making process.

7. Review Contracts and Policies Thoroughly 

Carefully review the contract and policies of the assisted living community you are considering. For example, the staff at The Solana East Cobb take extra measures to ensure potential residents have access to the full set of guidelines that align with the state of Georgia’s regulations. Pay attention to the fine-print details such as fees, and services offered as well as the process for addressing complaints or concerns.   

8. Seek Legal Advice When Necessary

As an optional step, if you have further concerns about a specific assisted living community’s compliance with regulations or additional questions that can only be answered from a legal standpoint, consider seeking advice from an attorney with specialized experience in assisted living. This can help you understand the rights and options available to you or loved ones from a non-biased and detailed approach.  

Choosing the right assisted living community involves thorough research and due diligence on the part of all involved. We’re pleased to offer a comprehensive guide to assisted living, helping aging relatives find the precise care they need when they need it most. By following the steps outlined above and staying informed about all state and local regulations, you and the ones you love can make informed decisions that prioritize safety and wellbeing first, so that the years ahead can be focused on making memories and enjoying all that life has to offer.

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