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Senior Living Amenities You Can’t Get At Home

Most seniors say they want to live at home. This impulse makes sense. You’ve built a life around your home. Perhaps you started your marriage there, raised your kids there, or saw your career soar to new heights in this home. It’s a familiar setting, and the familiar is inherently comfortable. 

Yet as you age, living at home can become a creeping source of stress. Home maintenance costs accumulate. You may feel isolated and lonely if you live alone. And you may struggle to find transportation to fun events if you no longer drive. Perhaps, if you really think about it, living at home isn't all it’s cracked up to be. 

There are some senior living amenities you just can’t get at home. At the right senior living community, however, these attractive features can be a part of your daily life.

Gourmet Cuisine Whenever You Want It 

Even if you’re a committed foodie, making a gourmet meal for yourself three times a day is probably a daunting prospect—especially if you want to have time for other activities. In senior living, you'll have access to gourmet cuisine whenever you want it, as well as the choice of eating in a lush dining room, in the privacy of your own room, or anywhere else you choose—a landscaped community garden or in a neighbor’s room, for example.

24/7 Support 

Some who hope to stay at home opt for a compromise: moving in with a relative, accepting unpaid care from a loved one, or paying an in-home aide to help a few times a week. These options are no match for the level of support you’ll get in senior living. 

You’ll have access to help whenever you need it, and can count on working with trained senior living experts who have a deep understanding of seniors’ needs. Whether you need help with activities of daily living, or just want to know someone will be there if you have a medical emergency, senior living offers immense peace of mind.

Easy Socialization

When you live at home, getting together with friends can be an ordeal. You have to figure out what you want to do, check your schedule, get in contact, text or call back and forth, and then find transportation. Your ability to spend time with friends may even depend on third parties, especially if you count on family members to provide transportation. 

In senior living, you can meet new friends right outside your door. Living in a community of seniors who crave adventure and fun as much as you do, you can spend your entire day chatting up new people and deepening relationships with your closest friends. When loved ones come to visit, there’s plenty to do, readily available food, and a welcoming environment, so your new home may entice more visitors than your current home.

Onsite Activities 

One of the major frustrations of retirement is that you may hear about many things to do, but struggle to get to those activities. Senior living communities offer a wide range of onsite activities, from wellness seminars and exercise classes to discussion groups and continuing education. Don’t waste time driving or tracking down a ride. Just open your door, walk downstairs, and find something to do!

Special Events Without Special Planning

We’ve all been there: Sometimes the stress of planning a holiday party or special event eclipses the joy of the event itself. Senior living takes the stress out of special occasions by planning year-round events—live music, parties, dances, socials, and more. All you have to do is show up. No menu-planning or cleaning required!

No Caregiver Stress 

If you struggle with health or mobility issues, you might rely on your loved ones for help. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you may worry about the stress being a caregiver can trigger. Some seniors even avoid asking for help because they don’t want to burden their loved ones. Senior living restores balances to your relationships, alleviating caregiving duties so that you can relate to your loved ones as equals, without worrying about the effects of caregiving. 

The Arbor Company has served seniors for 30 years. We know there’s no such thing as a generic senior or generic retirement, so we offer unique senior living solutions that ensure you get to do whatever you love most. The Solana East Cobb offers fine dining, tons of activities, and a supportive, engaged community. Contact us or attend a community event to learn more!

Ann Germany

About the Author: Ann Germany

Ann joined The Arbor Company after her mother became a resident of an Arbor community. She saw the positive impact it made on her mother and the lives of other seniors and their families.