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Our Resident Spotlight series gives you a chance to learn more about life in our community, and answers about senior care directly from the residents that call Arbor Terrace Naperville home.

Hear what our residents love about Arbor Terrace in their own words! Meet Bob, and find out what he enjoys about life in our community, and his personal advice about choosing senior care.

Resident: Bob McCarty

What was your greatest worry or fear when you decided to start looking for Senior Living?

"I was concerned about the general operations of the place where I would live. Things like what the staff would be like, what the other residents would be like, and if I would change after some time in a senior community. I want to keep on maintaining my independence for as long as I can."

Any advice they would like to share with others?

"Analyze the physical property. I picked out a studio because I knew if I picked something larger, I would just fill it with stuff I didn't need. I wanted to minimize my junk and stick with what I needed. I chose a 1st floor apartment with large windows because I wanted to stake out bird feeders for a pleasant view."

What made you choose Arbor Terrace Naperville?

"I looked at three communities with my daughter. I chose Arbor Terrace Naperville because the staff treated me very well and the community looked very clean and nice. Being close to my daughter was a huge draw. No place is perfect, but I am very happy being here at Arbor Terrace for the past eighteen months."

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