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Unique Ways Arbor Terrace Helps With Memory Care

Arbor Terrace Naperville residents can choose from options including assisted living and dementia care. Our Evergreen neighborhood was specially designed to serve older adults who are living with cognitive decline, whether it’s because of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia.Ensuring that each of our Evergreen residents is healthy, happy, and peaceful each day takes a combination of passion for service, education about dementia, and an environment built for success. Each intervention is crucial to the lives of the residents who call our community home.

Passion for Service

Our exceptional dementia care begins with our core belief that meaningful relationships matter. When a new resident comes to our community, we ask many questions so that we can get to know more about them. This commitment to learning more about the history of our residents allows us to form deep connections with everyone we serve. We take our knowledge of each person’s history, preferences, and challenges and use it to create personalized interventions to meet their current needs. 

As dementia progresses, seniors need more support. Our interactions change and adapt as our residents change their preferences and interests. Team members continue to foster meaningful relationships with our residents, regardless of the stage of disease or the challenges they may face.

Dementia-Specific Education

In order to best serve Evergreen residents, our team must become experts in dementia. The Arbor Company, which manages Arbor Terrace Naperville, has been at the forefront of all-staff dementia education for more than 30 years. We have leveraged that experience and used it to develop a dementia care curriculum for our caregivers, as well as for any staff member that serves in our Evergreen neighborhood. Everyone from our leaders to our housekeepers to our dining room servers learns about different types of dementia and positive interventions before they even begin their tenure working with residents.

Our dementia education does not stop with new staff members. Ongoing education for all of our Evergreen team members remains focused on a variety of dementia care topics. Then, we invite family members to partake in educational opportunities as well, providing them with information that will enable them to have better visits with their loved ones and advocate for their changing needs.

An Environment Built for Success

It takes but one tour of our Evergreen neighborhood to see multiple dementia best practices in action. From our dining room to our apartments, our entire community was designed to help residents feel comfortable and be successful.

Our dining room features an award-winning approach to meals, our Dining with Dignity® program. Apartments are cozy and comfortable, adorned with favorite family photos or mementos. Our hallways are buzzing with activity, with residents and staff interacting during events like concerts or trivia.

When you visit our community, you’ll also notice areas built for resident interaction. There might be a dresser of reminiscent items for residents to rummage through, a workbench to encourage tinkering, or even a nursery station to give them the pleasant memories of parenthood. These interactive stations are throughout our community and are just one more creative way in which we engage residents every day.

When it comes to dementia care, not all senior living communities are created equal. You can learn more about how to choose a community that your whole family can feel good about by downloading our free guide, “Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community.” 

We would love to show you what makes Arbor Terrace Naperville so special. Call us today to learn more about our Evergreen neighborhood or assisted living services. We are here to answer any questions you may have and show you some of our Evergreen neighborhood’s features in action.Safe & Comfortable Guide

Chris Harper

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