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12 Resources for Caregivers in Howard County, MD

Not everyone can be a caregiver. Caregivers must be tough as nails, but sensitive and empathetic. They must be zealous advocates who can also work well with others. They must tend to their loved ones without neglecting their own care needs. It’s a tightrope to walk, and sooner or later, just about every caregiver feels like they might fall off. If you need caregiver resources in Howard County, Maryland, you might not know where to look. Here are some great options.

Emotional Support for Caregivers

Caregiving is profoundly taxing, leaving most caregivers physically and emotionally exhausted. Support from others who have been there and reassurance that you’re not losing your mind can help. Check out these great resources:

Health and Fitness

You don’t have to take sole responsibility for your loved one’s health and wellness. These programs can support your loved one on a journey to better health:

Community Care Options

Many seniors hope to keep living at home. The right resources support caregivers and seniors, promoting independence and good health. Here are some good starting points:

General Information

Many caregivers turn into walking, talking encyclopedias, knowledgeable about legal issues, their loved one’s diagnosis, and the myriad challenges of providing care. The following resources can expand your knowledge base and connect you to more help:

  • Howard County’s Caregiver Guide is an all-in-one guide to local caregiver resources. It also offers advice and insight into the most common caregiving challenges.

  • The Howard County Resource Guide offers details on local, state, and federal programs that can assist seniors, disabled people, and caregivers.

  • The annual 50+ Expo showcases a diverse array of resources for seniors and those who love them.

The right senior living community can be life-changing. You can get back to being a family member, without the challenges and conflicts inherent to caregiving. Your loved one can access the resources and support they need under one roof, without the guilt that sometimes comes with relying on loved ones. Many caregivers report better quality of life, renewed hope, and improved family relationships when a loved one moves to senior living. So keep an open mind, and continually reevaluate your options. For help choosing the right option for you, check out our senior living options quiz.

Arbor Terrace Fulton looks at senior living differently. We believe no matter where you are in life, you deserve to pursue your passions, maintain meaningful relationships, and live every day to its fullest. Seniors who call Arbor Terrace home get to experience the best in assisted living and dementia care in Howard County.

Caitlin Eytel

About the Author: Caitlin Eytel

After spending several years in the hospitality industry, Caitlin found her home in senior living. Caitlin’s passion is to help seniors find the best solution for their lifestyle. By fostering meaningful relationships with seniors and their families, Caitlin learns something new each day.

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