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Why Dining Is So Important at Senior Living Communities

From birthday parties, graduations, and weddings to holidays and anniversaries, enjoying a nice meal with friends and family is always a centerpiece of a great celebration. Among families, having meals together is also a great way to connect after a busy day and share the day’s ups and downs with those you love.

Of course, as we get older, this ability to stay connected and enjoy our favorite meals can become more difficult as grocery shopping, cooking, and traveling to meet friends and loved ones becomes more difficult. Not only can this weigh on a senior’s emotional well-being, but failing to have three square meals a day can also hamper nutritional wellness over time.

Though there are many important parts of a senior living community that make them great options for seniors, the quality and structure of a community’s dining program is likely one of the most important contributors to a great overall experience. Why’s that? Here is Arbor Terrace’s take on why dining is so important at senior living communities.

Spending Time with Friends and Family 

Having to enjoy meals alone can be one of the hardest parts of mealtime, with many seniors routinely pointing out that it is during these times that they feel loneliest. Over time, these feelings of isolation can compound the negative effects of depression, anxiety, and other physical conditions. 

This is why Arbor Terrace Fulton has designed its dining facilities to encourage socialization, connection, and balance in their resident’s lives. Our communities’ dining spaces offer residents opportunities to enjoy a cup of coffee with neighbors, celebrate a joyous occasion with family and friends, or take part in weekly traditions like a healthy Sunday brunch to reconnect with old friends or meet new ones. 

Dining with Dignity

Just as no two residents’ palettes are alike, every resident is unique when it comes to the level of support that they need to eat independently. This is why Arbor Terrace’s Dining with DignityⓇ food preparation techniques are such a special part of our senior living communities. These menus are crafted around familiar dishes and are prepared to make it easier for residents to use their level of fine motor skills, or even no utensils at all, to eat them. 

Arbor Terrace’s chefs focus on using fresh ingredients and popular recipes to re-create bite-sized portions that are easier to handle, chew, and swallow. These meals are also paired with sauces, garnishes, and sides to fit each resident’s tastes. Not only does Dining with Dignity help seniors continue to enjoy their dining experience, but these techniques also make sure that they are getting nutritious meals, too.

Enjoying the Finer Things

The team at Arbor Terrace Fulton knows that life happens around the table — new friends, new memories, and new experiences — and that is why Arbor Terrace has made sure that delicious meals can be hosted in a beautiful setting. In addition to not having to worry about trips to the grocery store, meal prep, and cleanup, residents get to enjoy breakfast and dinner in a well-appointed and inviting dining room or stop in for a coffee or community social. You can even share the Arbor experience with friends and family from outside of the community, especially on special occasions around holidays or other milestones. 

Instead of seeing mealtime as a chore or burden, the team at Arbor Terrace Fulton takes care of all the meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, and clean-up so that our residents can focus on having enjoyable social experiences with their friends and loved ones. Our senior living community takes the stress out of dining by including meals and snacks in monthly rates, doing the work to balance nutritional needs, and offering opportunities to make dining a social event again — every day.

Give us a call to learn more about our luxury living and dining experience, or follow us on Facebook for details on upcoming community events. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Caitlin Eytel

About the Author: Caitlin Eytel

After spending several years in the hospitality industry, Caitlin found her home in senior living. Caitlin’s passion is to help seniors find the best solution for their lifestyle. By fostering meaningful relationships with seniors and their families, Caitlin learns something new each day.

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