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Financial, Finance, manage finances at a senior living community How Seniors Can Manage Finances at a Senior Living Community

Many seniors look forward to their retirement as a period in which they’ll have more time to follow their dreams, reconnect with friends and family, and jump back into hobbies they left behind when they were busy working and raising a family.

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Assisted living, Skilled Nursing Assisted Living vs. Skilled Nursing in Maryland: What's the Difference?

More than 100,000 of Maryland’s 1.2 million seniors have dementia. Many more suffer from chronic ailments such as cardiovascular disease and mobility impairment. The state’s senior population is projected to grow by 40 percent between now and 2030. The state is working to respond to the needs of this growing population, and Maryland is home to some of the nation’s best senior living communities.

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Assisted living, Cost of Senior Living The Real Cost of Assisted Living in Lanham

One of the biggest questions that many families ask when researching senior care communities is about the costs that lie ahead of them. When this process starts, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially considering that many families and loved ones are on fixed incomes, and that the level of care required can increase over time.

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Senior Resources 5 Senior Resources Near Lanham, MD

Between classy theaters, famed baseball stadiums, a nationally recognized NASA flight center, and quick access to the nation’s capital, seniors in Lanham, Maryland, know that there are many great things about living in this area. Furthermore, a range of organizations in the larger community that provide resources and activities focused on the needs of seniors also call Lanham home, helping seniors overcome new obstacles and plan for the next chapter of their retirement.

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News The History Behind Lanham, MD | The Arbor Company

Though we know Lanham, Maryland, for its proximity to the nation’s capital and Chesapeake Bay, its charming neighborhoods, and its deep roots in American arts and culture, the history of Lanham can be traced back to well before the founding of our country.

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Assisted living 10 FAQs About Assisted Living in Lanham, MD

Lanham, Maryland, is a small town tucked away in Prince George’s County, a thriving and vibrant area just north of busy Washington, DC. For residents, being in Lanham means having the best of both worlds: quiet, local restaurants as well as quick access to the museums of the nation’s capital. For many who are looking to move to an assisted living community, Lanham is just the right fit.

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Families & Caregivers, Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Caregiver Resources in Glenn Dale, MD

Connecting to the right dementia care resources in Glenn Dale, Maryland, can prove challenging—especially when you’re already overwhelmed by the seemingly endless demands of caring for a loved one with dementia.

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Greenbelt, Community News Arbor Terrace Senior Living Staff Helps Residents Communicate Through Video Chat, Texting

Many aging adults didn’t grow up with technology such as smartphones with video capability, so they may not intuitively understand how to use them to communicate.

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Senior living, Assisted living 5 Life Changes That Suggest It's Time to Move into a Senior Living Community

Life is unpredictable and ever-changing. Although the changes and uncertainty can be scary, they’re also a source of life’s beauty. After all, if everything was predictable and nothing ever changed, there would be no adventure or excitement. As you age, you may find your body and lifestyle changing. In a society that devalues aging, it’s easy to perceive these changes as negative, and fear the future. The truth is that, with the right support, even painful age-related changes offer a chance at growth and a deeper sense of purpose. Assisted living can help you bridge the gap between the physical abilities you have and the retirement you want.

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Greenbelt, Community News Parade, Fashion Show Highlight National Assisted Living Week at Arbor Terrace Senior Living

Family, magic and fashion were the key themes of National Assisted Living Week at Arbor Terrace Senior Living.

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