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One of the biggest questions that many families ask when researching senior care communities is about the costs that lie ahead of them. When this process starts, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially considering that many families and loved ones are on fixed incomes, and that the level of care required can increase over time. 

However, when you take a step back and look at what many modern assisted living communities can provide — including social time, investments in health, a focus on quality of life, and easy accessibility to nutritious meals and fitness — your perspective on the costs may begin to change. 

To help you get a better sense of what we mean, here are a few of the many things that excellent assisted living communities in the Lanham, Maryland, area can offer your loved ones, and how they can help your family along the journey ahead.

A Place to Call Home

Where you or your loved one chooses to live in an assisted living community can be a big component of the total cost. Many high-quality assisted living communities offer their residents several layout options to choose from based on their interests and needs. In addition, these spaces are well appointed and designed with the needs of seniors in mind, with amenities such as slip-proof showers and accessible fixtures and furniture. 

However, when compared with the cost of apartment living in the Lanham region, we all know just how quickly costs can top $1,000 a month for a studio or $1,500 per month for a one-bedroom — and that is just for rent. This does not include utilities and nutritious meals; features that assisted living communities also offer.

But living in an assisted living community means that you are getting much more than just a nice piece of real estate. In fact, you are also gaining easy access to dining rooms, libraries, gyms, gardens, and hobby rooms. In other words, the rent associated with an assisted living apartment can already pay for itself in luxury, convenience, and peace of mind.

Skilled Professionals

Residents in assisted living communities also have regular access to trained staff, nurses, and other specialists that not only help with daily life and care for medical concerns, but also become part of their residents’ lives. In addition, many assisted living communities facilitate visits by doctors for screenings and services, reducing the stress of traveling and waiting for care, while also contributing to an overall preventative health program.

Equally important is that medical staff at assisted living communities are readily available around the clock to step in when medical emergencies happen. Falls or unplanned conditions or illnesses can immediately be addressed by staff members that are down the hall rather than across town. These are also often the same friendly faces that seniors come to know over time, and so these staff know their medical histories and are ready to help. 

Access to a Variety of Amenities

Choosing to live in an assisted living community is also a lifestyle choice. Perhaps most prominently, residents can shift their time and energy away from maintenance, meal preparation, the bulk of healthcare coordination, and transportation toward the many activities and programs that are available on-site or nearby every day. Everything including maintenance, snow removal, yard work, housekeeping, and support for other household tasks is taken care of, so how will you fill your time?

Fortunately, the activity programs assisted living communities offer are full of events that are so much more than just board games and bingo; instead, they coordinate social events and continued learning opportunities that are enriching, social, and of course, fun. 

Not to mention, assisted living communities also provide transportation services, which can help cut costs for vehicle maintenance, taxis, or public transportation. Instead of figuring out a route yourself, a trip to the doctor or movie theater can be handled by the community. 

The monthly cost of assisted living goes far beyond just room and board. From access to specially trained in-house staff and maintenance-free living to a packed events calendar, seniors can stay healthy, social, and active, which is something that is difficult to put a dollar value on. So when faced with a moment of sticker shock, take the time to fully understand the total costs of your available options and consider how much money assisted living saves.

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