There is no way to put a price on the safety, comfort and peace of mind needed for those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  It may seem like it makes the most sense to keep your loved one home and near you as their need for support increases.  They may also be adamant about staying at home as well.  When this situation arises, you will come to find that you must immediately step into the role of caregiver.  A caregiver is a spouse, family member, friend, or neighbor who takes care of someone who is unable to take care of themselves. The role of a caregiver for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease requires a huge commitment of time and energy.  

In the beginning,  tasks may be simple and you may feel good about being able to support your loved one. However, over time, many caregivers experience high levels of stress and burn out due to the endless demands and the physical and emotional exhaustion that comes along with it.  Many caregivers experience depression and/or anxiety and in turn cause them to be unable to provide the necessary support for their loved one.  This scenario leaves them both in emotional and physical danger.  At this breaking point,  families discuss the need for outside help and suddenly they realize the true cost of how expensive it is to provide the  necessary in-home care needed.  

Home Care

Home care typically includes non-medical in-home services like companionship and housekeeping and might also help with exercising or activities like bathing, getting dressed, eating, and using the bathroom. Home care usually charges by the hour and 24-hour monitoring may not be available or affordable. The average cost of an in-home health aide is $27/hour.  Even at only 8 hours per day that is over $6400/month.  Don’t forget that price does not include the other 16 hours in the day!

There are other costs associated with home care that you may not even realize.  Modifications and safety products will need to be added to your home to ensure your loved one is safe and secure.  The Alzheimer’s Association estimates about $10,000 will be needed for necessary changes.  These products and modifications may also have a negative impact on the resale value of your home.  Additionally, many caregivers experience a financial impact due to needing to take extended time off work and lost wages. When these additional costs and hardships begin to add up, many caregivers and families come to see memory care as an affordable solution.

Memory Care

Memory care, also called dementia care, provides higher levels of support, more specialized staff training, as well as greater security to prevent wandering. Finding a senior living community with a separate memory care area is essential for a loved one with dementia  because memory care communities have thoughtfully planned every aspect of daily life for their residents, from peaceful dining experiences to meaningful social activities. There are major benefits included in the total cost of senior living with a dedicated memory care community and you will have peace of mind knowing your loved one has access to 24/7 monitoring and support.  Above all else, there is no longer a need for you to be a constant caregiver and the time spent with your loved one will be enjoyable and memorable.  

Memory Care Communities Offer:

Safety: Memory care communities prioritize safety for their residents with attentive monitoring that provides a secure, nurturing environment all hours of the day and night. 

Dining and Meals: The staff in memory care happily assist during meals in a way that allows residents to maintain independence and dignity. Dining menus are tailored to meet the specific health needs of their memory care residents.  

Activities and Engagement: Memory care communities allow for socialization that may not happen in a home setting. Enrichment helps those with dementia to be more stimulated thus lowering their desire to wander.  This is a huge benefit with a memory care community because it keeps residents engaged and fosters feelings of safety and comfort.

It might be overwhelming or challenging to know exactly what is best for your loved one.  Although being a caregiver can be rewarding at times, being a caregiver for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s is extremely challenging and is linked to caregiver stress. This is a serious and clinically studied medical condition.  Research shows that the more time a caregiver devotes to their loved one with Alzheimer’s, the higher the risk for caregiver stress which can lead to anxiety, depression, physical exhaustion or any other mental/emotional or physical illness. Finding a memory care program in Marlton, NJ with highly trained, dedicated staff will provide the 24/7 support and peace of mind your loved one and family are looking for.  
Use our cost calculator to easily compare the cost of memory care to at home care.  Many realize that the benefits provided with memory care make it an excellent affordable choice that provides all-inclusive safety and comfort. 

Arbor Terrace Marlton offers exceptional memory care and was designed just for seniors who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. 

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