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Meaningful Connections with Others

Research on aging emphasizes the importance of connectedness for maintaining overall health. Our dedicated Evergreen memory care team is well-trained and understands the significance of fostering connections. We strive to offer personalized interventions based on each resident's unique preferences, interests, and background. Family involvement is highly valued, and we are here to provide the support you need throughout this journey.

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Safe, Comfortable, and Engaged

Arbor Terrace Marlton offers a safer and more engaging alternative to living at home for seniors with dementia. Our Evergreen memory care ensures attentive and specialized care that goes beyond just safety. With our best practices approach, your loved one will feel comfortable and involved in their new home, providing them with a nurturing and enriching environment. Say goodbye to isolation and embrace the peace of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands at Arbor Terrace Marlton.


Award-Winning Dining

At Arbor Terrace Marlton, we take pride in our distinctive and acclaimed dining program, which caters to those who may require mealtime assistance. This program ensures that every resident experiences a meaningful and dignified dining experience. Using special preparation techniques, we offer food options with the same nutritional value as regular meals, but in a format that allows residents to maintain their independence and dignity. Our focus is on ensuring that every mealtime is a positive and enjoyable moment for all residents.

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Female residents playing a game on Tovertafel

Stimulation and Social Interaction

Arbor Terrace Marlton proudly offers the Tovertafel, also known as the Magic Table, an interactive game console that projects purposeful games onto tables or floors. This cutting-edge technology has earned awards and is specially crafted to engage, stimulate, and enhance the quality of life for individuals living with mid to late stage dementia. The Tovertafel brings tremendous benefits to our resident players, families, and staff, serving as an excellent therapeutic tool that delivers scientifically-proven dementia care to our residents.

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Put Our Experience to Work for Your Family

For over 35 years, Arbor Terrace Marlton, as part of The Arbor Company, has been committed to delivering exceptional care for seniors, including those with dementia. Our specialized Evergreen team members undergo rigorous training in the latest and most effective practices for serving individuals living with dementia. We take immense pride in being recognized as leaders in our region for memory care, providing comprehensive support, and offering educational resources to enhance the well-being of our residents.

See Life at Arbor Terrace

Life at Arbor Terrace Marlton

The Evergreen neighborhood at Arbor Terrace Marlton was purposefully designed to cater specifically to seniors living with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.

Housekeeping Services Dementia-Friendly Community Design Every aspect of our Dementia Living Neighborhood, from the doors to the outdoor space, was designed to promote a peaceful, productive, and safe environment for our residents.
approach Individual Care Plans Each resident is unique and deserves personalized care interventions designed just for them. Our care plans ensure that every aspect of care is tailored to each individual resident.
Medication Management Medication Supervision Our professional team, which is led by our Evergreen Director, provides medication administration for each resident.
Engaging Activities Engaging Activities Our robust and structured activities program is designed to incorporate healthy socialization into residents’ daily routines.
Dementia Support and Resources Dementia Support and Resources We are always learning more about Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, and want family and community members to learn along with us.
Specially Trained Caregivers Specially Trained Caregivers Every team member who works with our memory care residents receives cognitive care training that is based on our 30+ years of experience in working with seniors with dementia.
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Engaged and Thriving

The foundation of the Evergreen memory care neighborhood at Arbor Terrace Marlton revolves around meaningful engagement in daily tasks and activities. Our residents benefit from wellness-focused exercise programs, soothing sensory groups, and enriching trips into the greater community. With the support of friends, family, and staff members, our residents relish in a variety of engaging activities that enhance their overall well-being.

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The Caregiver's Complete Guide to Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Has your loved one recently been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? This may be a time when you have many questions and aren’t sure about next steps. To help, we created this resource, The Caregiver’s Complete Guide to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, to help you navigate your loved one’s diagnosis.

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There’s Always Something to Do, and Someone to Enjoy It With

One of the best parts of living at Arbor Terrace Marlton is being located right in the eastern Philadelphia suburb of Marlton. Our diverse neighborhood features shopping and dining experiences you’ll love. You can certainly take advantage of all the leisure and beauty the area has to offer — such as parks, trail systems, and golf courses — on your own or as a part of one of our trips or excursions.

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Memory Care Floor Plans

Our floor plans are designed to meet your unique needs and to provide comfort, luxury, and convenience. These are more than just apartments—they are spaces to call home!

The Tomlinson

Studio | 1 Bath
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The Stokes-Evans

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dementia care like in Marlton, NJ?

We take pride in being among the leaders in Burlington County, NJ for dementia care, support, and education. When you choose memory care at Arbor Terrace Marlton, you’re choosing a community designed to promote a peaceful, productive, and safe environment, supported by a team that is trained in the most current best practices for serving those who are living with dementia. 

At what stage should someone with dementia go into memory care in New Jersey?

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia and you’re seeing signs that they’re struggling with daily functioning, need support most of the time, or seem afraid and lonely living at home, it may be time to consider dementia care. Seniors with memory issues are at an increased risk for wandering, physical risk-taking that can lead to falls, and other unsafe behaviors.

Memory care facilities and programs are specially designed for seniors living with memory loss or other age-related cognitive impairment, and provide a calm and dignified environment that promotes independence and choice while reducing safety risks and distress. Here are five challenges of living with dementia that can prompt a move to a memory care community.

What is the difference between dementia care and assisted living?

Both dementia or memory care and assisted living facilities offer supportive care to people with a range of health issues, including cognitive impairments. But with dementia care, the entire community is structured around the unique needs of people with dementia. This means that dementia care tends to be much more comprehensive, and residents’ days are spent with people highly experienced at managing dementia. Memory care offers dementia-friendly activities and staff trained in the psychological and physical effects of cognitive impairments. To understand the key differences, you may find this post from The Arbor Company blog helpful.

If you have questions about these different types of senior living at Arbor Terrace Marlton, or would like help determining which might be the best fit for you or your loved one, please contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions!

What is the difference between dementia care and a nursing home?

Nursing homes and dementia or memory care facilities both offer dementia and Alzheimer’s care, round the clock staff, and supervision to keep residents safe. Dementia care communities offer specialized staff members who are trained in issues with dementia care, and offer a structured day of activities that help to prevent behaviors associated with anxiety and depression. Meals are prepared to preserve dignity and independence, and environmental features are designed to keep residents safe and secure. 

By contrast, a nursing home (also known as a skilled nursing facility) offers more comprehensive support to those who have extensive medical needs in more of a clinical environment. They provide the highest level of care possible outside of a hospital, delivering 24-hour care to seniors who have complex medical conditions and need hands-on assistance and monitoring. Skilled nursing facilities are the best choice for those who need assistance with tasks that go beyond the activities of daily living.

What does dementia care cost in Marlton, NJ?

The average monthly rate for a dementia care facility in New Jersey is  around $8,000 per month, but pricing can vary widely depending on the location and level of memory care that is needed. In the Marlton area, the average dementia care cost in 2021 was $5,790 per month.

How can dementia care be paid for?

There are numerous resources available to help pay for dementia or Alzheimer’s care. These include Medicare and Medicaid, employee benefits, long-term care insurance, and personal assets and savings. Veterans with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia may also be eligible for certain benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Our webinar, Understanding the VA Benefit for Senior Living, examines this benefit in further detail.

Every situation is different and it’s important to review any programs for which your loved one is eligible before they need to move. If you’d like assistance understanding your options, please contact us—we’re happy to help!

How much of dementia care is tax deductible in New Jersey?

If your loved one is in a dementia care residence due to Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, their care may be tax deductible. As a “long-term care service,” some or all of the expenses of dementia care do qualify for a medical expense tax deduction. We suggest consulting a tax advisor with questions regarding your specific situation and what may or may not be deductible in New Jersey.

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