Those who are going through the early stages of dementia require a specific kind of care for their everyday needs. As much as you may want to take care of your loved one during this time, it can be very difficult if you don’t have the right resources. Marlton, NJ, memory care provides everything residents need during the early stages of dementia. It can take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to simply enjoy spending time with your loved one. In today’s blog post, we will be discussing what a memory care community provides for those with early-stage dementia and their family members.

Connecting With Others

Aging is a complex process that often results in seniors becoming a bit secluded as their ability to socialize becomes harder. This is an even greater risk for those with early-stage dementia since it becomes harder to keep up relationships and connections with others.

One of the biggest benefits a Marlton, NJ, memory care community brings for memory care residents is consistent socialization. The memory care team is there 24/7, helping to foster connections with each individual to create a family atmosphere. The team will develop an understanding of each resident, allowing them to better engage and care for them.

In a memory care community, residents are also surrounded by others who are a part of the community. This provides them with socialization so there is no risk of them becoming isolated, which can make the symptoms of dementia worse.

Family can also come to visit their loved ones whenever they like in a warm and comfortable community environment.

Safe Living Environment

Dementia is a disease that progresses over time, creating more and more symptoms for the individual. Because of this, you have to think ahead in terms of care since their care needs will be ever-evolving.

A concern family members have is creating a safe environment for their loved ones as their memory becomes worse. In a memory care community, this is a top priority as comfortable and safe living arrangements are provided where residents are safe and monitored constantly.

Residents have access to outdoor spaces that are safe but still give them a certain level of independence and activity. The atmosphere of the community is also kept peaceful and productive to not disturb any residents.

As their dementia progresses, more and more care options are available to ensure they stay safe.

Nutritional Care

A very important aspect of memory care is providing the right nutritional options to keep your loved one healthy. This is especially important for those with early dementia since even eating can become difficult.

A memory care community provides high-quality dining options that cater to a variety of nutritional needs. High-quality and nutritious foods are provided regularly with dining options that encourage socialization among the residents. Mealtime assistance is also provided for those who may struggle to safely eat on their own.

Arbor Terrace Marlton provides a special program called Dining with Dignity that provides all of these important services. The goal is to help dementia residents continue to live their day-to-day lives with dignity and grace.

Regular Stimulation and Enrichment

Dementia is a disease that will often progress no matter what you do, but some things can help slow the progression. One thing that can help dementia residents maintain their cognitive abilities is regular stimulation. If they have things to keep their mind busy, this will help them stay mentally sharp and more focused on the present.

Because of this, memory care communities have a strong focus on stimulating and enriching activities. This often includes providing different games and technology that allow residents to play and interact with one another.

Medical Supervision

Dementia residents often require medical supervision to make sure the disease is not progressing and they don’t have any other health concerns. This is something that all seniors require since their health is constantly evolving, and they may require changes to their care over time.

Residents who live in a memory care community have access to constant medical supervision. If there is a change to their health or an emergency, there are medical resources right on site.

The memory care team is also specially trained and has many years of experience working with memory care residents. They have experience with cognitive care and will be more likely to notice if there is a change to one of the residents' health.

You also don’t have to worry about whether or not your loved one is getting the medication they need since the memory care team will take care of that. This ensures your loved one gets the correct dose and gets their medication exactly when they need it.

Dementia Resources

Dementia is a complicated disease that can be very difficult to understand. Many memory care communities provide extensive resources for family members to help them better understand this disease and how it impacts their loved ones.

Having these resources available can help you better understand your loved one and what they are going through. It can also help you become a greater part of their care so that they have a stronger community around them.

Dementia Care Checklist 

As you can see, choosing Marlton, NJ, memory care is incredibly important if you have a loved one with early-stage dementia. A memory care community will provide them with the necessary care as well as an environment that will help slow the progression of this disease. Ensuring they get the care they need allows you to enjoy cultivating a deeper relationship with them where you do not have to be the main caregiver.

Are you interested in getting dementia care for your loved one? Check out this free dementia care checklist from Arbor Terrace Marlton to get started!

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