Safe Winter Activities for Seniors in Morris County, NJ

Winter in the northeastern part of America can seem like it stretches on forever. For even the most seasoned residents of New Jersey, the middle of winter can feel like an especially lonely and dreary time of year. Fortunately, spring will arrive in fine style. We just have to make it there feeling healthy and happy.

For seniors here in the Morris County area, winter can be especially dangerous. From treacherous sidewalk conditions to feeling lonely while hunkered down at home to the onslaught of additional illnesses to worry about, older adults can struggle to make winter a good season. If you are feeling lonely or stir-crazy, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite safe winter activities to enjoy right in your backyard.

Make New Friends

Did you know that Morris County has 16 senior centers throughout the area? It’s true! We are quite fortunate to live in an area that is committed to serving seniors through a variety of services, including socialization through vibrant senior centers. Find a few senior centers that are close to where you live and inquire about their schedule of upcoming activities.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a round of cards, participating in an exercise class, or singing along to a favorite entertainer when you are surrounded by new friends. Senior centers in Morris County are busy gathering places where you can participate in an activity, stop by to have a change of scenery or new conversation, and even have a meal. Take advantage of senior centers during these dull winter months!

Go for a Walk

Exercise can break through winter doldrums thanks to the endorphin release you enjoy during and after your workout. However, going on your regular afternoon walk can be challenging when sidewalks are icy or when temperatures are dangerously cold. This season, lace up your shoes anyway and walk indoors.

You can purchase a membership to the Greater Morristown YMCA to take advantage of their indoor track for walks. Or, you can take advantage of the smooth and safe walking surfaces inside any of our local malls. Rockaway Townsquare and Cedar Knolls Plaza are all excellent local options. Not only will you get a good workout, but you’ll also benefit from being out of the house and can even pick up a few items while you’re there.

Pick up a New Hobby

Are you a bird-watcher? Perhaps winter is the perfect time to brush up on this versatile hobby. You don’t even have to hit the trails or trek into the forest to catch a glimpse of winter birds around the area. Instead, you can just watch from your window.

Find a bird book for the local area or use your smartphone to pull up a list of birds you may be able to see this time of year. You can put a bird feeder or two outside your window and see what colorful visitors you can entice. When spring arrives, you can take your new hobby on the road to local parks and nature preserves.

Consider a Move

Wintertime can be especially isolating for older adults who live at home alone or with a partner. Loneliness and isolation have been linked to myriad health conditions and chronic complications in older adults all year long. If you are feeling lonely at home, you can choose to find friendship and new opportunities at a senior living community.

Senior communities are vibrant places, bustling with activity and conversation. What a welcome relief to an otherwise quiet home! You can enjoy additional support and easy access to resources that are designed to keep you as healthy as possible. Senior living offers a lifestyle made just for you.

At Arbor Terrace Morris Plains, our assisted living residents enjoy a busy calendar of activities, trips, and events. Even better, they connect over chef-prepared meals with their friends in our social dining room. Our caregivers are only steps away and are always there to lend a helping hand or strike up a conversation.

We’d love to show you what winter can look like in our community. Call us today to schedule your exclusive tour.

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Mary Beth Kane

About the Author: Mary Beth Kane

Mary Beth began her career as a therapeutic recreation specialist developing award winning activity-based programs for people living with dementia and their care partners. Since 2004, she has worked in assisted living communities where she strengthened ties within the professional community and helped families find the right senior living communities for their loved one. Mary Beth has been a care partner for both her parents and brings the joys and challenges of these years to her work on a daily basis.

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