Families have a lot to think about when transitioning to a senior living community. Leaving a home that you've lived in for 30+ years is a big change. And downsizing from a house to an apartment is not always easy — especially when you want to retain that sense of ‘home.’ Not to mention, moving requires major planning, mental preparation, and some tough decisions.MTL - Complete Checklist for Moving to a Senior Living Community - Cover

We’ve created this complete checklist with all of the logistics for moving into a senior living community to make your move easier.

In our comprehensive checklist, you’ll discover:

  • Important things to consider when moving into a senior living community
  • What not to do in case of an urgent move
  • How to prepare yourself emotionally
  • Tips for creating a homey environment
  • Complete checklist for your move, including what to (and not to) pack

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