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Although it’s technically a suburb of New York City, Mountainside, New Jersey is a small town at heart, with a population of just 6,835 and very low growth. Seniors who settle in Mountainside like the quiet vibe, easy access to New York, and active community life. They’re a diverse group with a wide range of interests and needs. And there’s a senior living solution to fit each one of them.

Here are the five different varieties of senior living you’ll find in Mountainside.

Independent Living

Independent living in Mountainside offers seniors a chance to live independently in an active and community-oriented setting. Seniors have access to support when they need it, plenty of privacy, transportation to community events, and tons of opportunities for socialization. Independent living is a good choice for seniors who feel anxious living alone, who no longer drive, or who struggle to maintain a home, but who are otherwise in good health.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a step up in care from independent living. It offers additional support to seniors who struggle with one or more activities of daily living, such as bathing, cooking, or getting dressed. Assisted living communities value and foster independence and offer a rotation of activities and classes tailored to the needs and desires of the community. Seniors might make group day trips into town or enjoy weekends in New York. The goal of a quality assisted living community is to scaffold seniors into greater independence while ensuring their daily needs are met.

Dementia Care

Dementia can be devastating to families. Seniors with dementia may struggle with daily tasks, become anxious or depressed, and feel isolated or afraid. It doesn’t have to be this way. Dementia and memory care communities offer supportive, compassionate care to seniors in a secure setting. These communities help seniors feel less anxious and keep them engaged in activities specifically designed for people with dementia. Caregivers get a break, and may see their loved ones go from depressed and apathetic to engaged and joyful.

Memory and dementia care communities are ideal for seniors who can no longer safely live alone, who need significant help with activities of daily living, and who have moderate to late-stage dementia.

Bridge Care

Seniors experiencing cognitive decline because of dementia or other cognitive health issues need extra support. They also need meaningful ways to pass the time. Too often, these seniors are caught in a care gap. Assisted living cannot meet their needs, but dementia and memory care communities offer too much assistance or too few challenging activities. Bridge care is so named because it bridges this gap. At Arbor, our Bridges program offers a customized care plan for each senior. And because dementia care is available in the same location, seniors don’t have to worry about the stress of moving to a new place later on.

In-Home Care

A 2014 AARP survey found that 87 percent of seniors hope to “age in place,” remaining in their homes for as long as possible. Many seniors choose in-home care so that they can stay in an environment that feels comfortable and familiar. This is a good option for seniors who wish to live at home and who have additional support from loved ones.

Aging in place, however, isn’t always what seniors hope it will be. It can be incredibly expensive, especially when seniors have to make home improvements to make the house safer or more mobility-friendly. Some seniors feel isolated or lonely living at home. It is important to weigh the risks and benefits of aging in place, especially when a senior has specific hopes and dreams for retirement.

If you’re ready to explore your senior living options in Mountainside, Arbor would love to help. Whether it’s trips to New York over the weekend, joining one of Mountainside’s senior clubs, or joining a senior-friendly yoga class, we help seniors make the most of their Mountainside retirement every day.

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