My aunt is in Evergreen and doing very well! She seems to stay very active (as much as she can be), and the staff is always engaged and smiling when I visit. Both of the nurses we met with regarding her care were lovely and really seem to have my aunt's best interest at heart. Arbor is an amazing property, aesthetically. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a loved one who needs a little (or a lot) of help in the aging process.

Rachel , Family Member

My mother is in the Evergreen memory care unit. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic they have been transparent, highly communicative and by all accounts have provided excellent care. It is clear that the staff are engaged with the residents, aware of their needs and are happy to work with the family to accommodate our need to see her without risking her or their well being. Have nothing but good things to say about them.

Ivan , Family Member

I would completely recommend to someone to have their loved one live at Arbor Terrace. My 90 year old mother with Dementia has lived here since it opened in 2018 and it is beautiful, warm, and extremely engaging for the residents who live there. She is getting the care she deserves during this time of her life.

Lynn , Family Member