At least one in four seniors experience a fall each year, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. This alarmingly high statistic reminds us that falling is a real threat to the health and well-being of seniors everywhere. Although there is no way to completely stop falls from happening, there are many things we can do to try to prevent them from happening as often.When searching for assisted living in Mountainside, NJ you’ll find senior-friendly designs at every turn. Whether staying cozy indoors or relishing the sunshine outside, you can rest assured that fall prevention is built into every aspect of daily life.

Indoor Precautions

Assisted living communities are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of their neighborhood supports the needs and challenges of their seniors. One of the most important design features is the use of adequate lighting. Good lighting allows everyone to see where they are going clearly, helping to reduce the likelihood of a fall.

Limited mobility is also taken into account during the design process. Most multi-level assisted living communities have ramps, widened staircases, and an elevator for extra convenience. Walkways are intentionally created to allow wheelchairs and walkers to easily move through them. Seniors are less likely to fall if there is plenty of space and adequate supports to help them navigate throughout their environment.

Inside each apartment, furniture is placed strategically to allow for ease of movement and to prevent tripping hazards. Bathrooms are equipped with support railings and easy to access showers, designed with wheelchair and shower chair accessibility in mind. Regular housekeeping services are provided to help keep a tidy house that is free from tripping hazards like folded carpets, spills, or clutter.

Outdoor Precautions

Though you may not consider a backyard or patio dangerous to explore, they can be full of tripping hazards if not properly maintained. Assisted living communities ensure that outdoor spaces are taken care of with the utmost attention to detail so they remain safe and accessible to their residents. 

Walkways are kept level and free from debris, like fallen leaves, that can be slippery and lead to falling. Bushes and branches are well manicured to ensure limbs don’t snag clothing or trip passers by. Railings and patio furniture are strategically placed throughout each space to make navigation simple and safe. 

By utilizing an intentionally senior-friendly design and eliminating tripping hazards, well-maintained patio and garden spaces can be a refreshing space enjoyed by all.

Amenities and Services to Support Fall Prevention

Aside from creating an environment that reduces fall risk, there are other amenities and methods to help each resident personally become less likely to fall. Exercise improves balance, coordination, mobility,  and muscle strength, decreasing the risk of falling due to a lack of these particular skills. Assisted living communities provide safe, senior-friendly exercise classes and equipment to encourage this type of regular movement.

Accidentally missing or doubling a medication dose can cause unfavorable side effects, some of which might cause dizziness, blurred vision, or unexpected drowsiness. To avoid these negative outcomes, which could lead to a fall, assisted living communities provide medication management for their residents. This helps keep seniors stay healthier and decreases the likelihood that they will fall due to independently mismanaged medication.

Accessible transportation services are also provided by assisted living communities. This prearranged transportation provides residents access to appointments and errands nearby so they don’t have to rely on public transportation without a direct route to their destination or worry about parking too far away from the door. This safe, reliable transportation reduces fall risk during travel.

We hope this explanation of fall prevention strategies gives you peace of mind as you search for assisted living in Mountainside, NJ. 

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