Moving into an assisted living community is a big step, and you will need to make sure you bring the right items with you. For many, this process can feel overwhelming since there are so many items of value that you don’t want to part with, so naturally, you want to take as many of them as possible.. In this blog post, we will be discussing five essential items you need to bring with you to an assisted living community in Northwood, NJ, and how to go about packing for this transition.

1. Clothing

One item you will want to bring plenty of  when you move to an assisted living community is clothing. You are responsible for having all of your clothing and making sure you have enough items to live comfortably.

Your apartment is going to have a very standard-sized closet, so you want to make sure you are careful about what items you take. You want to be realistic about how many clothes you need and the type of clothing you will most likely be wearing.

Don’t forget to pack things like night clothes, socks, underwear, and layering items like jackets and vests. Don’t worry if there are certain items you forget since you can always pick up additional pieces of clothing as you need them.

2. Personalized Decor

An assisted living community in Northwood, NJ, provides each resident with an apartment that they can personalize to make it feel more like their home. This is very beneficial since it can help you adjust faster, making the transition feel less challenging. Because of this, you want to make sure you bring some decorative pieces to add to your space.

For many seniors, this will look something like pictures and homemade items that they may have received from their family members. Or you may have certain decorative items that you want to bring from your own home so that your new apartment reflects your taste.

Remember, you could always buy additional pieces of decor later on once you are settled into your new apartment. It is best to start with a few pieces that you love and give the rest to family members who will continue cherishing them instead of taking too much, which can result in your space feeling cluttered.

3. Hobbies

Just because you are moving to an assisted living community does not mean you cannot enjoy your old hobbies. You want to make sure you bring your hobbies with you and any materials you need to keep up with them.

For some seniors, this may look something like bringing knitting needles or crochet hooks along with an assortment of yarn. Or you may want to bring your collection of puzzles, crossword books, or CDs.

4. Personal Care Items

Even though an assisted living community provides a lot of services, you are still expected to bring your own toiletries. This is because hygiene items tend to rely more on personal preferences based on fragrances, allergies, required ingredients and many more reasons. So, this is one of the necessities you will need to bring with you and keep in stock so that you always have what you need. Some toiletries to make sure you have when you move include:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body lotion
  • Body wash
  • Face wash
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

Other items that fall into this category include necessities such as hearing aids, eyeglasses, medication, eyedrops, etc. For those with health issues or mobility problems, you may need to bring a cane, walker, or wheelchair with you as well.

5. Sentimental Items

Aside from the daily necessities you need to bring, you also need to consider sentimental items. These are items that can help you feel at home, and allow you to maintain that connection to your loved ones. Sentimental items can include family photos, sentimental jewelry, keepsakes, and gifts.

How to Pack When Moving to an Assisted Living Community

The moving process when you are transitioning to an assisted living community doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. As long as you have a plan and understand what you need, this transition can go very smoothly for you and your loved ones. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are packing for this move.

Avoid Duplicates

If you are still living in your home, chances are you have a lot of duplicated items. This is not uncommon since you may have forgotten that you already had some items and bought them a second or third time. Or you may have been stocking up and bought duplicates so you would always have them on hand.

For the most part, you want to avoid packing duplicated items when moving to a senior community. This isn’t usually necessary and will only lead to your apartment feeling cluttered and disorganized. The only types of duplicated items you may want to bring are certain items of clothing and toiletries.

Start With the Necessities

Packing is a big process, and it is easy to focus on wants rather than needs. Because of this, your first job should be picking out the necessities you need for daily life. After you have done that, you can decide on additional items that you want to bring purely for enjoyment.

Keep in mind that you can always put items in storage that you cannot take with you, and then your family can always bring additional items once you have settled in.

Consider Your New Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is going to change slightly when you move to an assisted living community, and you want to keep this in mind. You may not need to bring certain items because of this, which can help you narrow down your packing list.

For instance, the community may have a movie theater, so you may not need to bring your TV. Or the community may have a nice lounge space, allowing you to narrow down the types of furniture you need for your apartment.

If you want to know more about what to expect when moving into an assisted living community, check out The Complete Guide to Assisted Living at Arbor Terrace Norwood.

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