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Shrewsbury Summer Lovin', We Had a Blast!

Life at Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury senior living community is what our residents make of it. What does that mean? It means our activities calendar is not filled by what our activities director thinks might be fun, but what brings our residents joy, purpose and enlightenment.

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Veterans Dream Flight at Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury

Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury recently paid a heartfelt tribute to our male veterans on Memorial Day weekend with a remarkable event called Veterans Dream Flight. The community organized an unforgettable experience for the Veterans by taking them on an awe-inspiring flight aboard a World War II bomber plane.

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Together We Grow at Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury

We are fostering growth and creating meaningful connections through our unique partnership with a local community college and high school. In this video, titled "Together We Grow," Shannon, a teacher of health occupations, shares the impact of this collaboration. Students have the opportunity to spend part of their school day at Arbor Terrace, where they engage in clinic practice and interact with residents in assisted living and memory care.

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Shrewsbury Introducing Fox Rehab at Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury

Occupational Therapist Nicole and Physical Therapist Stephanie from Fox Rehab describe why they love working with our residents. They discuss their approach to working on pain, strength, and balance, and how they help residents see their potential to do the things they love.

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Community News In their own words: The Benefits of Moving to Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury

The decision to move into a senior living community is not always an easy one to make. Sometimes the decision has to be made on behalf of your loved one for their own safety. However, what may begin with hesitation can end up being one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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Community News Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury Welcomes Pets!

We truly love our pets here at Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury! There’s always a variety of furry companions walking around with our residents. We know how much joy and comfort they bring to them and they make our community really special. One resident shares how she’s so happy that her adorable cat is with her at Arbor Terrace.

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