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Why Assisted Living in Shrewsbury, NJ, Could Be Right for You

When you first started to think about retirement, what were your retirement dreams? Did you want to travel the world? Open a vineyard? Catch up on the classics? No matter what you planned for or what you’re doing, you probably hoped that health issues wouldn’t interfere with your retirement. Whether you’re facing a serious diagnosis, such as dementia, or just slowing down as you age, you may be increasingly anxious about what the future holds — and how you can hold onto your dreams.

Assisted living is a great solution. It offers support when you need it, along with privacy, luxury living, and a chance to build the retirement that is right for you. Here are some things to consider as you weigh your options for assisted living in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Benefits of Assisted Living in Shrewsbury

If the last time you visited an assisted living community was when your grandparents lived in one, you need to know that a lot has changed. Assisted living is all about comfort and luxury now. You’ll get help with activities of daily living if you need it, but everything else is structured around your pleasure and well-being.

Some of the myriad benefits of assisted living in Shrewsbury include:

Exceptional Dining

Eat a gourmet meal three times a day. If you have dietary restrictions or unique health needs, don’t worry; Arbor can accommodate those without compromising on flavor.

Easy Socialization

Forget about the endless phone tag to find a companion. Just step outside your door and begin making new friends.

Tons of Activities

It can be tough to find meaningful activities in retirement, especially when you’re on a fixed income and don’t want to spend all day Googling or scouring the paper for something to do. Assisted living communities bring the fun to you, offering live music, special classes, and year-round celebrations.

A Gorgeous, Luxury Home

Sick of home maintenance? Worried about that broken pipe and cracking paint? Worry no more. Assisted living means you get a gorgeous home perfect for entertaining, without all the effort and expense. In fact, for some people, assisted living is actually more affordable than living at home.

Signs It Is Time to Consider Assisted Living in Shrewsbury

Not sure if assisted living is right for you? Here are some clues:

  • You have a chronic or progressive illness.
  • You are struggling with activities of daily living such as cooking or bathing.
  • You or your kids worry about what would happen if you had a medical emergency or needed help.
  • You live alone, or you feel increasingly lonely or isolated.
  • You’re having difficulty concentrating or remembering things.
  • You feel bored, frustrated, or like you can’t find meaningful ways to fill your days.
  • You’re relying on your children or spouse to take care of you, and you worry about caregiver burnout.
  • The costs of living at home are skyrocketing, and you keep having to pay for more in-home care.

Choosing the Right Assisted Living in Shrewsbury

You deserve the very best. Take some time to explore your options so you can choose the right assisted living. Some tips for locating the right community include:

  • Get advice from people you trust, such as friends who live in assisted living or a doctor who is committed to helping retired patients thrive.
  • Read online reviews. They can give you insight into the culture of a community and the lived experience of people who reside there, free of marketing content. 
  • Check out several community websites. The way a community talks about itself reveals a lot about its core values.
  • Visit several communities — ideally, during a meal or another busy time when you can talk to residents and get a feel for daily life. Ask as many questions as you want, and only consider communities with staff members who are friendly and eager to answer questions.
  • Make a list of your needs, then compare the offerings of each community to the list. Only choose communities that can truly serve you. Trust your instincts, and only consider communities that felt like home.

Finding the right assisted living in Shrewsbury is just hunting for any other home. It takes a little time and patience, and first-time searchers may not always know what to look for. Arbor can help. To learn more about your senior living options, download our free guide, Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community.

Safe & Comfortable Senior Living Community Guide Shrewsbury

Meghan Windrem

About the Author: Meghan Windrem

A licensed Nursing Home Administrator with experience working with hospice and dementia care residents, she has led assisted living facilities since 2011. While working at a local long-term care facility as a social worker, she obtained her master’s degree in social work and her Nursing Home Administrator license. She resides in her hometown, Jackson, N.J., with her husband and two sons.

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