Think you know assisted living? Think again. Many seniors spent some portion of their childhood visiting grandparents and other relatives in nursing homes. This has colored their opinion of senior living, and stoked plenty of fear about being “sent away to a home.” But today’s assisted living communities are nothing like those of the past. Instead, they cater to active, independent seniors who crave adventure and meaning. Forget about the myths you’ve heard. Check out these surprising assisted living facts. 

1. Assisted Living May Help You Live Longer 

In an assisted living community, you never have to worry about what might happen if you have a medical emergency, such as a fall or a heart attack. This prompt care and support can get you emergency treatment faster, potentially saving your life. You don’t need an emergency to live longer in assisted living, though. The right community keeps you socially engaged and physically active. Regular exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, mental health issues, and many other diseases, while social engagement can prevent loneliness and fight dementia

2. Seniors Are Happier in Senior Communities 

Assisted living offers easy socialization, plenty to do, and regular celebrations of all life’s big and small events. By comparison, seniors who remain at home may experience loneliness or struggle to find meaningful ways to spend their time. So it should come as no surprise that seniors are happier in senior living communities. Your happiness matters as you age. A positive mood may inspire you to make healthier decisions, improving overall health and potentially even supporting a longer life. 

3. You’ll Live in Luxury 

Assisted living offers unparalleled luxury, and plenty of amenities that you just can’t get at home. You’ll dine on gourmet meals that are tailored to your specific nutritional needs and dietary preferences. You’ll go home each night to a meticulously designed home, and enjoy regular housekeeping that keeps it spotless. You’ll get to welcome friends and family to special events and meals, without all the stress and cleanup that comes with planning your own events at home. Perhaps best of all, you’ll never again have to worry about lawn care, a leaky roof, or a broken toilet. 

4. You May Gain a Second Family 

When you move into assisted living, you share a community with other seniors who are similarly committed to lives of purpose and adventure. Making new friends is as easy as stepping outside your door or heading down the hall to a yoga class. There’s always someone who can enjoy a stroll or a meal with you. And just as you became close with the siblings you lived with in childhood, you may soon begin to think of your neighbors as family. A family can never be too big, so open your arms and welcome a few new people into your inner circle. 

5. Assisted Living Is Surprisingly Affordable

If you’re reading all of this and getting excited, you might be worried that assisted living is a luxury you just can’t afford. But the truth is that for many seniors, assisted living is actually more affordable than living at home. And if you own your house and sell it when you move, you can have a comfortable nest egg to fund assisted living, as well as any other luxuries you desire. Try our free calculator to compare the costs of assisted living with those of remaining at home. 

Every assisted living community is unique. So it’s important to investigate your options, ask plenty of questions, and be clear about what you want. You’ve worked hard your entire life. You deserve a fun and meaningful retirement. The Arbor Company has served seniors for more than three decades, and we would love to connect you to the perfect assisted living community. Contact us to learn more!

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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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