Retirement Community Cost Calculator

Compare the Cost of Senior Living to Staying at Home

As you research your senior living options, your budget should play an important part in your process. Here’s some good news as you begin to crunch the numbers: affording a senior living community is likely within your reach. In fact, you might already be paying similar costs while living at home. Our retirement community cost calculator tool was designed to help you understand the costs of senior living as compared to the expenses you pay while living at home.

Living at home comes with some obvious costs — namely mortgage, insurance, and utility expenses. But those aren’t the only bills you have each month. You’re also paying for groceries and meals out, entertainment costs, and maybe even a gym membership. In the right senior living community, these fees are all built into an affordable and predictable monthly fee. A retirement community lifestyle might even be less expensive than what you are currently paying — or at least offer an affordable alternative to consider.

To estimate the cost of your options, simply fill in your current expenses and let us know the living option you think is right for you. 

Step 1 (Current Costs):

At-Home Expenses Monthly Cost
Mortgage or rent payment
Total of utilities
Home or renters insurance
Property tax
Grocery and Food
Entertainment, hobbies, etc.
Lawn care and cleaning services
Maintenance or repairs
Transportation (Vehicle insurance, registration, gas, maintenance, and repairs)
Current or Anticipated Home Health Care / Companion Costs
(The average national monthly cost is $3,360-5,760)

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Step 2 (Care):

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Step 3 (Affordability):

Based on the information you’ve provided, here’s a comparison of staying in your home vs. senior living.


Current Monthly At-Home Living with Anticipated Home Health Care/Companion Costs


At home living without in-home care cost

*This information is based on national data and does not reflect regional price variations.

**Keep in mind, supplemental resources may cover up to 50-100% of your monthly fees in a senior community. A Veteran’s pension or life insurance plan may apply and long-term care policies can contribute $90-120 per day of care costs, or roughly $3,660 per month on average.