Compare the Cost of Senior Living to Staying at Home

Are you able to afford senior living? We’ve created this cost of senior living calculator to help you understand the costs of senior living versus the costs of aging in place. To estimate the cost of your options, simply fill in your current expenses and let us know the level of care you think is right for you.

*This information is based on national data and does not reflect regional price variations.

Step 1 (Current Costs):

At-Home Expenses Monthly Cost
Mortgage or rent payment
Total of utilities
Home or renters insurance
Property tax
Grocery and Food
Entertainment, hobbies, etc.
Lawn care and cleaning services
Maintenaince or repairs
Transportation (Vehicle insurance, registration, gas, maintenance, and repairs)
Current or anticipated in-home senior care costs (The average national monthly cost is $3,360-5,760)

Do not leave options above blank.

Step 2 (Care):

Please select the care type or living option you think is a fit (you can select back at the end to view other options).

Choosing an option below is required.

Step 3 (Affordability):

Based on the information you’ve provided, here’s a comparison of staying in your home vs. senior living.


At-home living with anticipated senior care costs


At home living without in-home care cost

*Keep in mind, supplemental resources may cover up to 50-100% of your monthly fees in a senior community. A Veteran’s pension or life insurance plan may apply and long-term care policies can contribute $90-120 per day of care costs, or roughly $3,660 per month on average.

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To inquire further about specific costs for a community, please contact one of our Senior Living Counselors. Click below to find contact details for a community near you.

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