Memory Care

Memory care communities are specialized senior living neighborhoods that are specifically designed for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia.

What is Memory Care?

What is Memory Care?

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Uniquely created to meet the challenges that come with cognitive decline, memory care offers residents the chance to meaningfully engage with peers throughout the day, maintain a routine schedule that provides comfort, and interact with team members who are specially trained in best practices of dementia care. Communities provide around-the-clock caregiver assistance that is personalized to each resident’s needs and preferences. In addition, residents enjoy vibrant social programming and delicious meals served alongside friends. Family members and friends are always welcome to visit and participate in programs or events with their loved ones.


Our Approach to Memory Care: Evergreen Neighborhoods

Breakfast among friends at Arbor

We’ve thoughtfully created each Evergreen memory care neighborhood to be a place where residents and team members are comfortable, safe, and engaged. From the design of our hallways and enclosed courtyards to our carefully planned programs and events, residents are given every opportunity to live life to the fullest and feel their best.

Guide: Living Well with Dementia

Life in Memory Care

Life in Memory Care

Breakfast among friends at Arbor

Life in a memory care community changes based on the residents who live there. However, the community’s schedule includes routines that residents would naturally be doing during their daily activities. Mornings begin with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, personalized support from a caregiver who is there to help with wake-up care, and breakfast served beside friends. Then it’s time to catch up on the news, enjoy time outside in the garden, and maybe squeeze in a fitness class. Lunch with friends is followed by the opportunity to have an afternoon picnic in a local park or to help out with a cooking demonstration. After dinner, residents might attend a live concert in the living room before receiving support with evening care. Residents feel right at home — because they are.

Comparing Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Options

The Memory Care Experience

The Memory Care Experience

Painting class at Arbor promoting holistic health

Wellness and Quality of Life

Memory care offers support for all aspects of holistic health. We believe that a life full of opportunities can enhance overall wellness.

Guide: Living Well with Dementia

Meal adaptations are available based on your needs

Dining Experiences for Everyone

Our award-winning dining program ensures everyone gets the food they love and that makes them feel their best. Meal adaptations are important in all stages of cognitive decline, and we get creative to meet the needs of those we serve.

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Team member and senior male chatting while breakfast is delivered

Customized Care for Every Resident

Team members spend time getting to know residents and what is important to them. Knowing our residents as if they are our own family members allows our team to create personalized moments of joy to put a smile on each resident’s face.

Seniors attending an arts and crafts class at Arbor

Connecting with Friends

Social wellness is just as important as physical wellness, and our vibrant event calendar is full of opportunities to connect with neighbors. We offer verbal reminders and escort residents to programs they enjoy.

Guide: Living Well with Dementia

Arbor resident playing a board game with her family

Family Is Always Welcome

Family members are a big part of any Evergreen memory care community. We offer educational sessions, support groups, and special family events to connect with loved ones.

Transitioning into Memory Care

Transitioning into Memory Care

Senior man and family member sitting on a couch and chatting

An estimated 6.5 million older Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease

and more are living with other types of dementia. A dementia diagnosis can mean more than just memory loss, and it affects more than just the individual. Receiving a dementia diagnosis impacts that person’s entire family and community, and everyone wants the best and safest environment for the person living with the condition. 

At our Evergreen memory care neighborhoods, we work closely with new residents and their family members to make the transition a smooth one. The transition process begins long before move-in day, with community team members communicating with loved ones in order to make move-in day easier. Our team makes sure everyone is on the same page as we get to know the new resident and provides updates when their needs change. Family members and residents are also welcome to schedule visits to attend meals or activities prior to the move in order to help ease the transition into the community.

Guide: Journey to Senior Living

Paying for Memory Care

Paying for Memory Care

Arbor future resident reviewing living options with a sales team member

Most memory care residents and their loved ones are pleasantly surprised to realize that this innovative program is well within their carefully planned budget. Thanks to one monthly fee that covers nearly everything from rent to utilities to care, you can enjoy predictable expenses that are comparable to living at home.

Estimate Your Cost of Memory Care Options

The Benefits of Memory Care

The Benefits of Memory Care

Memory Care common area

The Arbor Way

It’s the amenities and services that make memory care at The Arbor Company extra special. We strive to create the resources our residents need to feel their best and stay connected to others.

Finding a Safe Memory Care Community

Couple sitting on the sofa of their Memory Care home

Just-Right Floor Plans

Evergreen memory care homes are modern, comfortable, and spacious without being overwhelming to maintain. There are multiple floor plans available to suit your style and budget.

Senior couple taking a walk on outdoor path

A Breath of Fresh Air

Getting into nature can bring feelings of comfort, peace, and calm, making the outdoors an important component of the Evergreen experience. Our communities feature outdoor areas such as serene walking paths, gardens, and courtyards that offer easy access while still being safe.

Finding a Safe Memory Care Community

Caregiver holding senior's hand showing support

Trained and Compassionate Caregivers

Our team of caregivers has been specially trained in best practices of dementia care, including creating and using person-centered interventions. They are there to offer a helping hand or an encouraging word anytime a resident needs it.

A delicious and healthy meal prepared by our Arbor chefs

Award-Winning Dining

Our dining team carefully creates seasonal, healthy, and delicious meals. We focus on providing a menu that features the right balance between comfort food and brain-boosting fuel. Prescribed diets or any adaptations are a part of our award-winning dining program, ensuring a successful dining experience for every resident.

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Arbor residents returning from going shopping using Arbor's car service

Amenities and Services

Evergreen memory care residents enjoy signature Arbor services that include regular housekeeping visits, transportation services, and maintenance-free living. Residents also enjoy all the amenities of their community, including art spaces, libraries, and interactive kitchens.

Arbor resident and team member sharing a laugh in Yoga class

Our Community Culture

Our team members aren’t just there to provide helpful services. They are there to get to know you and create joyful moments just for you. Our commitment to deep connections with residents is the foundation of what makes The Arbor Company different.

Finding a Safe Memory Care Community

Arbor resident and caregiver gardening

The Arbor Company Approach

Our approach to memory care is all about creating meaningful moments throughout the day. You’ll find caregivers sipping tea with residents after dinner, walking hand in hand to an event, or pulling weeds together in the garden. It all matters here.

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