When your loved one receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or another dementia, you can find yourself emotionally reeling. You will likely have many questions about the progression of the disease and the quality of life your loved one will have going forward. It is certainly a trying time for your loved one, their family and friends. Once you cope with the initial diagnosis and feelings, it is time to get busy planning for the best possible care for your loved one. Searching for Memory Care in the Jacksonville area is a great place to start.

While many well intentioned family members seek to keep their loved one at home for as long as possible, relocating to a memory care community is often better for both the senior and their loved ones. Not only do residents in memory care communities receive environmental considerations aimed to keep them safe throughout the disease process, family members get peace of mind knowing that their loved one is being cared for 24 hours per day by experienced professionals.

But how can you choose the best memory care in Jacksonville? After all, there are nearly 30 memory care options in our area alone. When you search for memory care communities, you must find a place that features a culture of compassion and empathy, specially trained staff, unique programs tailored for seniors with dementia, and a desire to educate family members. You need only look at Arbor Terrace San Jose.

A Culture of Compassion and Empathy

Arbor Terrace was founded by John Carey, a man who struggled to find quality and compassionate care for his loved one living with Alzheimer’s. Not satisfied with the options available for memory care here in the Jacksonville area, Mr. Carey built his own community, determined to offer exceptional care in a home-like environment. Our community is locally owned with a foundation of person centered care.

Specially Trained Staff

The staff at Arbor Terrace is uniquely trained to understand the different facets, challenges, and conditions that face those living with dementia. Every single member of our team, from the Executive Director to the part-time housekeeper, attends our exclusive multi level cognitive care training, Dementia Capable Care. We believe that it is imperative that each member of our staff know not only the science behind the disease, but also how to positively interact with our residents. We believe in meeting our residents where they are at while engaging and supporting them through their day. Finally, our Positive Physical Approach program educates team members on the power of touch to calm anxious residents or diffuse frustrating situations.

Unique Programs Tailored for Dementia

Seniors living with dementia require a special touch when it comes to their daily routine and medical intervention. At Arbor Terrace, our license allows for extended medical care; this means that our team is equipped to care for more than just your loved one’s memory issues. We are also capable of caring and managing complex diseases such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and other pulmonary disorders. Beyond medical intervention, our Engaged Lifestyle programming model assures that residents have the opportunity to participate in activities that are more stimulating than games of Bingo. Our team works diligently to find individual or small group leisure pursuits that best correspond with the recreational and occupational history of our residents, giving each senior the chance to participate in daily activities that make them feel proud. Finally, our Dining with Dignity® program assures that residents are served nutritious and delicious food that best meets their personal abilities.

Family Education

At Arbor Terrace, we know that we are not just caring for our residents. We are also committed to caring for their family members and friends. To keep loved ones in the loop, our team uses Sagely, a program that allows us to send videos, text messages, or other communication to family members. There’s nothing better than watching your loved one smile during a group activity or work steadily and happily on a project. Our Sagely program allows for a peek into their daily lives. Further, we know that education equals empowerment. For that reason, we seek to educate family members on the dementia experience as well as on how to have successful interactions with their loved ones.

When it comes to memory care in Jacksonville, there is only once choice that offers a culture of compassion, specially trained staff, family education, and unique programs that are tailored to dementia.

Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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