Why Experience Counts in a Senior Living Community

For 30 years, The Arbor Company has served seniors and the people who love them. Our communities across the nation offer expert care, compassionate support, and a commitment to constant improvement. We’ve formed a lifetime’s worth of special memories over the past three decades. Our experience has taught us that the expertise that comes with this experience matters. No matter where your search for a senior community ends, it’s critical to ensure that you choose a community that boasts plenty of experience. Here’s why.

Some Expertise Can't Be Taught

The best senior care providers have spent years, or even decades, educating themselves about seniors’ needs. They’re up-to-date on recent research, have degrees or certifications in senior care or social work, and spend their free time reading books and articles about senior health.

Yet some expertise just can’t be taught. It’s easy to read off a checklist of dementia warning signs; it’s a lot harder to know how those signs might manifest in different seniors. For instance, how can you detect problematic behaviors in a person with a history of mental illness? How can you tell if a senior who has a cognitive disability is suddenly experiencing memory difficulties? People with years of experience have hard-won wisdom that comes only from working directly with seniors. They know seniors, and knowing seniors is critical to serving them.

Understanding and Anticipating Resident Needs

Seniors are just like everyone else: They have different needs, different interests, and different opinions. Yet less experienced senior care communities often take a one-size-fits-all approach. They assume all seniors prefer quiet activities, or forget that many seniors want to be involved in their local communities.

Experienced senior care providers know that the ideal senior community offers activities, education, and support to meet a variety of needs. Some seniors might relish a weekend camping trip, while others would prefer to play bingo at home. At Arbor, we cater to both—and to everyone in between.

Helping Families Navigate Challenges Both Complex and Mundane

Senior care is about more than just supporting seniors. To truly help seniors, a community must also support their families. At Arbor, we know that caregiving can be difficult. We alleviate much of the burden by offering your loved one a safe and loving place to live.

Our experience has given us considerable expertise at navigating a wide range of challenges. We can work with you to find a financing option that works for you. We can support you to talk to your loved one about senior care. And we can help you manage family disagreements about senior care. Whether your problem is a common challenge or a unique one, odds are good we’ve encountered it—and solved it—before.

Unrivaled Commitment

Senior living workers are just like any other professionals. People tend to stay in jobs they like, jobs that offer meaning and a sense of purpose. When you evaluate a senior care community, it’s a lot like evaluating a job applicant. Do you want to work with someone who has committed their life to a calling? Or with someone who has jumped from job to job?

At The Arbor Company, we’ve been committed to seniors for 30 years. Many of our beloved team members have been with us for a decade or longer. For us, senior living is more than just a job; it’s a calling. We’re committed to revolutionizing senior care for the next 30 years and beyond. And we’re here for you.

To find a community near you or to get help managing your own senior care challenge, contact us. Our compassionate senior care experts can’t wait to help.

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Begin Your Senior Living Journey with Arbor

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