Making sure residents are safe is always a top priority. After more than 30 years of serving seniors, The Arbor Company has continued to refine our safety practices and procedures. Read on to discover what security features we believe every West Chester memory care community must have.

Secure Entrances, Exits, and Windows

Using a keypad, key card, or doorbell limits access both into and out of the building. Since it is typically not safe for memory care residents to enter or exit the neighborhood independently, this method of restricted access allows staff and visiting family members hassle free access while keeping residents safely within the parameters of their supervision. Similarly, making sure windows do not become points of unauthorized entry or exit is a simple yet crucial preventative measure as well. 

Enclosed Outdoor Gardens and Patios

Spending time outdoors is vital to the human body’s wellbeing. However, it is important to ensure access to gardens and patios does not create a safety hazard for those with cognitive decline. Using secure fencing around the perimeter of all outdoor gardens, walkways, and patios helps residents to remain safely within caregiver proximity and keep unwanted guests or critters at bay.

Security Cameras

Though this feature is standard in most common buildings, it is even more crucial in memory care communities. Being able to see where residents are ensures their safety. It is also crucial that the staff has access to detailed footage at each entry point in the unlikely case that an unauthorized entrance or exit occurs from the building. Cameras can provide invaluable input that can help keep residents safe and eliminate disputes about who was where, and when.

Individual Safety Pendants

Sometimes memory care patients have difficulty expressing their thoughts but know they need to speak with someone. They also may experience an unfortunate medical emergency or fall and require attention but be unable to verbally call for assistance. Having an emergency pendant provides peace of mind for residents, their families, and the staff so any fall, emergency, or moment of panic can be responded to immediately.

Well-Marked Hallways

Although this may not seem like a safety measure, creating a physical environment that is easy for memory care patients is imperative. This helps reduce frustration as residents are more likely to navigate the neighborhood on their own and less likely to feel lost. Creating well-marked, differentiated hallways helps residents feel more calm and confident in their surroundings.

Helpful, Caring, and Highly-Trained Staff

None of these physical safety measures can replace the importance of hiring, training, and maintaining a consistent team. From medication management to emergency response and everything in between, ensuring that the staff are highly qualified and glad to lend a helping hand is essential.

If you’re looking for a safe, engaging new home for a loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, call our West Chester memory care community to chat with one of our team members today at 610-624-2872.

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