Cost of Personal Care

As you begin your search for the right personal care community in West Chester, you may be wondering, “How much is this going to cost?” The price of personal care is an important consideration, especially for seniors on a budget, but it’s important to take all factors into account when determining whether you can afford moving into a personal care community.

When you consider the money you save by moving out of your house and the level of care you’ll receive at a quality community, it starts to look very affordable. Let’s take a closer look at the real cost of personal care in West Chester:

Costs of Personal Care in West Chester

West Chester is an excellent place to retire and home to many affluent seniors, which means that although there are many excellent personal care options, they don’t come cheap. The average cost of personal care in West Chester is approximately $4,526 per month, according to Costs vary from community to community of course, but most facilities provide not only a comfortable apartment, but also basics such as utilities, housekeeping services, and other luxury amenities such as transportation and full-service dining.

Depending on the needs of your loved one, a personal care community can often end up costing less than hiring someone from an in-home care agency, which typically charges at least $20-$30 an hour. And if a live-in caretaker is necessary, the costs will be much higher, around $300-$400 a day.

What Do These Costs Include?

Most personal care communities will offer the same basic services, including round-the-clock care, a private apartment, and meal preparation. The best communities will provide all of that, plus amenities like gourmet, restaurant-style dining, a full events and activities calendar, and health lectures and visits from local medical professionals.

At Arbor Terrace Willistown, for example, our Engagement department is devoted to planning and implementing activities that are designed to increase socialization and overall health. Our trivia groups and educational classes encourage mental fitness, while our yoga classes improve flexibility and strength, which can decrease the risk of falls.

Perhaps even more valuable than these luxury amenities are the intangible perks that come with moving into a personal care community. Especially for seniors who have been living alone for some time, the built-in community that personal care can provide makes the everyday much more interesting and joyful.

Can I Afford It?

The costs of a personal care community can add up, certainly, but so can the costs of living independently. When you consider the combined expenses of a home mortgage, property taxes, maintenance, utilities, transportation, and groceries, homeownership can be a huge drain on your savings. Especially if you choose to sell your home, transitioning into a personal care community can actually save you money. Plus, you will no longer have to worry about the stress of cleaning and maintaining a house and dealing with other mundane errands.

When determining whether you can afford a personal care community, be sure to check whether you’re eligible for benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or elsewhere that can decrease the monthly cost. And if you or your loved one has been paying for long-term care insurance, that will significantly help offset the costs of senior living.

You can calculate what you or your loved one is paying now and see how it compares to the costs of personal care by using our Senior Living Cost Calculator. You might be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it can be to retire in luxury.

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