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Spartanburg’s own young golf phenom, Davis Petty, was celebrated recently at Eden Terrace of Spartanburg, the home of his great-grandmother, Phyllis.

Davis, age 10, won the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship last year at age 9, and some are touting him as a future Olympian.

Friday’s event was all about golf, with games, friendly competition, and Master’s Tournament-themed food, including egg salad sandwiches, pimento cheese and chicken, with Arnold Palmers to drink.

A putting green was set up inside Eden Terrace, and residents tested their skills against Davis.

One resident, Mary, showed off her talent with a golf club and proudly told Davis that she had scored a hole-in-one at Spartanburg Country Club. Davis also presented ribbons to two other residents, J.B. and Reid, for their impressive performances on the green.

Davis began playing golf as a toddler, and started playing competitively at age 5. His mom Sarah talked about watching her son succeed in sport at such a young age.

"It’s incredible," Sarah said. "It’s incredible to watch the journey he has made. He loves to do it, so that is fun. Outside of golf, the thing I am most proud of is his attitude."

Asked where that attitude came from, Sarah was quick to respond that Davis got it from his great-grandmother, Phyllis.

Davis said he enjoys golf, but when asked if there’s any sport that he doesn’t excel at, he said, "Anything on ice. I am not too good at ice hockey."

The residents enjoyed spending time with the young athlete, and they invited him to come back anytime.

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