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Fostering Deep Connections

As we grow older, it becomes increasingly important to establish and nurture connections, especially for seniors who are living with Alzheimer's or dementia. At Eden Terrace of Spartanburg, we recognize the immense value of this and prioritize it in our care. Our dedicated Evergreen team is not only highly skilled but also deeply committed to fostering relationships and promoting active engagement, taking into account each individual’s preferences, interests, and background.

Moreover, we understand the significance of involving family in the care planning process, guaranteeing that your loved one receives the utmost support they truly deserve.

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Total Wellness for Mental and Physical Health

Seniors with dementia who live alone at home may face risks and feelings of loneliness, which can have detrimental effects on their overall health.

Here at our Evergreen neighborhood, we provide attentive and specialized care that prioritizes more than just safety. Our holistic approach is designed to ensure that your loved one feels secure, comfortable, and engaged in their new living space.


Uplifting Dining Experiences

Immerse yourself in our luxurious memory care community nestled in the heart of the Carolinas. Indulge in our award-winning dining program and delight in a dining experience like no other, where residents can savor a delectable blend of nourishing and mouthwatering meal choices.

Our devoted team is committed to supporting individuals during mealtimes, ensuring their independence and dignity are always respected.

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Female residents playing a game on Tovertafel

Stimulation and Social Interaction

The Tovertafel, or Magic Table, is an innovative game console that projects purposeful games onto a table or the floor. This groundbreaking technology is specifically designed to enrich the lives of those with mid- to late-stage dementia by offering interactive and stimulating activities. Residents, families, and staff alike find great value in the Tovertafel, as it serves as an exceptional therapeutic tool for providing high-quality dementia care.

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Raising the Standards of Memory Care

At The Arbor Company, we have accumulated more than 30 years of invaluable experience in delivering exceptional senior care.

Our highly trained Evergreen memory care team stays up-to-date with the latest best practices for assisting individuals with dementia.

As pioneers in memory care, support, and education, we constantly push the boundaries of what senior living can offer.

See Life at Eden Terrace

Peace of Mind at Eden Terrace of Spartanburg

At our Spartanburg memory care residence, we have created an environment that empowers seniors who are facing the challenges of Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.

Blue icon of couch Dementia-Friendly Community Design Every aspect of our Evergreen memory care neighborhood, from the doors to the outdoor space, was designed to promote a peaceful, productive, and safe environment for our residents.
Individual Care Plans Individual Care Plans Each resident is unique and deserves personalized care interventions designed just for them. Our care plans ensure that every aspect of care is tailored to each individual resident.
Blue outline icon of a heart Medication Management Our professional team, which is led by our Evergreen Director, provides medication administration for each resident.
Blue icon of woman stretching Engaging Activities Our robust and structured activities program is designed to incorporate daily routine and healthy socialization.
Blue icon of a flower Dementia Support and Resources We are always learning more about Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, and want family and community members to learn along with us.
Blue icon of out line of three people Specially Trained Caregivers Every team member who works with our memory care residents receives cognitive care training that is based on our 30+ years of experience in working with seniors with dementia.
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Engaged and Thriving

In our Evergreen memory care neighborhood, we ensure our residents are actively engaged in daily tasks and activities. From wellness-focused exercise programs to calming sensory groups and exciting community trips, there's always something to do.

With the support of friends, family, and our dedicated staff, our residents enjoy activities that bring happiness to their everyday lives.

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This guide is a comprehensive look at what a caregiver needs to know, from the stages of dementia to how to help a loved one make the transition to dementia care.

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Things to Do and Enjoy Around Every Corner

Whatever your interests, you'll have endless options here. Pick up a new skill, relax with a glass of wine, or go shopping with friends. You'll relish the fact that there's always something to do and someone to share the experience with.

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Memory Care Floor Plans

Our floor plans are designed to meet your unique needs and to provide comfort, luxury, and convenience. These are more than just apartments—they are spaces to call home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is memory care like in Spartanburg, SC?

As one of the leading providers of dementia care, support, and education in South Carolina, Eden Terrace of Spartanburg is dedicated to creating a serene and secure atmosphere for your loved ones. By selecting our memory care services, you are making a choice that prioritizes their well-being and happiness.

At what stage should someone with dementia go into memory care in Spartanburg, SC?

When it comes to moving a loved one with dementia into memory care, it's essential to consider their unique needs and circumstances. A wise approach would be to seek input from healthcare professionals, family members, and the individual themselves. To make an informed decision, consulting with a healthcare provider specializing in senior wellness can offer valuable guidance on when memory care becomes the appropriate next step.

What is the difference between memory care and assisted living?

Both memory care and assisted living facilities in Spartanburg, SC cater to individuals with various health issues, including cognitive impairments. However, memory care facilities are uniquely equipped to address the needs of those with dementia. This means residents receive a higher level of care, with staff members who are experts in managing dementia. Activities in memory care facilities are tailored to be dementia-friendly, and staff are trained to recognize the psychological and physical impacts of cognitive impairments. 

For further insights on this topic, refer to this article from The Arbor Company blog.

What is the difference between memory care and skilled nursing in Spartanburg, SC?

Memory care services in Spartanburg, SC cater to those with memory-related conditions, offering specialized care to improve cognitive function and overall quality of life. On the flip side, skilled nursing provides medical care and rehabilitation services for individuals with various medical needs, excluding specialized memory care.

What is a memory care specialist?

At our Evergreen memory care neighborhood, we take great pride in our staff acknowledged as memory care specialists. Their exceptional abilities in comprehending and effectively managing symptoms of dementia are matched only by their unwavering commitment to providing compassionate and respectful care for our residents.

What does memory care cost in Spartanburg, SC?

The cost of senior living in our Spartanburg memory care neighborhood is not fixed, as it varies based on your specific preferences and needs. To make your exploration of memory care options more efficient, we provide a complimentary senior living cost calculator.

If you require further assistance, our compassionate team members are just a phone call away at 864-579-7387.

Will Medicare cover memory care in South Carolina?

Memory care costs are not covered by Medicare due to it not being categorized as a medical living model. However, there are other solutions like long term care insurance or Veteran’s Services that can provide financial assistance for the necessary care.

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