At Eden Terrace of Spartanburg, we believe in positive movement, and building up our residents’ strength, as well as physical and cognitive muscles. That’s why our wonderful and warm therapy staff engages our residents in regular physical, occupational, as well as speech therapy.
Our residents adore their classes and therapists, and we are so happy they are engaged and excited about the progress they are making in every class.
In the video below you can watch and hear some of the benefits of our therapy classes. They include increased mobility, so residents can fully enjoy our community of beautiful amenities and a wide range of different activities.
Another benefit of our classes is sharpened mental and cognitive skills and better communication tools for our residents. This helps them feel more confident as they express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others. They’ll also have more fun chatting and mingling with their friends and peers here, through their improved social skills. Yet, another benefit of our therapy is quicker recovery and healing after health incidents, such as strokes.
Watch this informational and uplifting video below to learn what happens after our residents graduate!

Are you interested in experiencing our classes and fun activities yourself? Or are you curious if they’d be a good fit for a loved one of yours? Schedule a tour with us and find out! We’d love to see you soon!

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