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Louise Ervin, a resident of Eden Terrace of Spartanburg, turned 101 on Aug. 25. Born in 1919, she has seen the world change immeasurably during her lifetime.

Here are Louise’s answers to a few questions about her life and the world at large.

Q. Do you have any secrets to longevity to share?
A. “A Christian life and good health habits. Also, to love everybody!”

Q. Tell us about your career and family.
A .“I grew up on a farm, and after getting married, I stayed home and raised my children. I have two children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.”

Q. What do you remember about the Great Depression? Having lived through that difficult time, are there any lessons learned that you can share?
A. “It was a hard time for everyone. You bought only what you had to have.”

Q. What do you remember about World War II?
A. “We went to Wilmington. My husband went to work in the shipyard. We put off having children during the war.”

Q. What technologies, changes, inventions, cultural changes do you see in 2020 that you would have never expected or believed could happen back when you were a young adult?
A. “Electricity and the telephone. We did not have electricity all the time. I also can remember not having television.”


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Donna Isbell Walker

About the Author: Donna Isbell Walker

Donna is a former newspaper feature writer and editor whose passion is writing about WWII and Korean War veterans.

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