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Retiring in Spartanburg: What You Need to Know

Retiring in Spartanburg means spending your golden years in a thriving city with a rich history, plenty of amenities, and the distinct charm of a small town — even as it grows into a bustling metropolis. Whether you’ve lived here your whole life, are moving to be with loved ones, or are making the transition because you relish the idea of life in a historic town, there’s plenty here to appeal to seniors from all walks of life and backgrounds. Here’s what you need to know about retiring in Spartanburg.

Reasons to Consider Retiring in Spartanburg

If you love the idea of small-town life, but want all the conveniences of a bigger city, Spartanburg may be the perfect fit. Enjoy walkable communities, well-maintained parks, friendly neighbors, and exceptional schools — enticing reasons to get your family to move with you!

The weather is temperate, with a short winter, a warm spring and fall, and just a month or two of intense heat in the summer — the ideal choice for someone who wants to garden year-round. The diverse community is a melting pot of cultures, which are on full display at Spartanburg’s many festivals, musical events, arts exhibitions, and dining options. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you can find a sense of community here.

Senior Resources in Spartanburg

Seniors comprise about 15 percent of the Spartanburg population — a figure that increased by 98 percent over just 20 years. Seniors are flocking to this region because of its warm weather, inviting communities, and exceptional value. If you want to remain active well into your elder years, Spartanburg boasts stunning parks and safe, walkable communities to explore. Some other senior friendly resources in Spartanburg include:

  • A wide range of senior centers, including the much-beloved Shepherd’s Center, an activity center and club.
  • Plenty of financial and legal resources. Visit the Area Agency on Aging, which is a one stop shop for Medicare help, free and low-cost meals, and support for seniors living with disabilities.
  • Exceptional dining. Check out Spartanburg’s many great restaurants. Can’t get out and still need help? Mobile Meals offers free nutritious meals to seniors in need.
  • A commitment to senior sports. Each year, the city sponsors the Senior Sports Classic, a chance for seniors to compete with other seniors in various sports.

Exceptional senior living options. You need to plan for your future, including the potential that you might one day need assisted living. Spartanburg boasts some of the best assisted living communities in the country.

The Right Senior Living Community in Spartanburg

Assisted living in Spartanburg helps you retain your independence even when your body doesn’t always do what your mind wants. You’ll get help when you need it, but also access to plenty of amenities, such as:

  • Gourmet dining specifically tailored to your tastes and nutritional needs
  • A beautiful home you don’t have to maintain — enjoy housekeeping and other perks!
  • Plenty of gorgeous spaces to plan events and meetups
  • Plenty of activities, from live music and classes to community field trips and volunteer opportunities
  • Help (when you need it) that still respects your privacy and independence

You just can’t get these amenities at home no matter how much you pay. In senior living, you’ll have access to other adventure-minded seniors, plenty of food, and the low-stress lifestyle you’ve earned.

Retiring in Spartanburg: Planning Your Next Chapter

No matter what your needs are now, they may change down the line. So it’s important to consider your long-term care options, including exceptional senior living. The Arbor Company has proudly served seniors for more than three decades, and we’d love to help you weigh your options for the future. To learn more, download our free e-book, “Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community.”

Safe & Comfortable Senior Living Community Guide

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