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Senior-Friendly Hobbies for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching! Anticipating this season may mean different things for different people — maybe you smile, imagining soaking in the vitamin D and sipping sweet tea, or maybe you’re dreading the South Carolina heat and making sure your AC is fully functional. Whether you’re ready for fun in the sun or more into indoor activities to beat the heat, there’s something on this list for you!

Here are some of our favorite senior-friendly hobbies to pick up this summer.

Walking or Hiking

Spartanburg has plenty of options for folks who want some physical activity at any level, from a leisurely stroll to a more challenging hike. Croft State Park boasts many beautiful trails for hiking, biking, or even horseback riding, and its site includes helpful information about the difficulty level of each trail. Hatcher Garden is actually a collection of several gardens designed for nature lovers who want to enjoy a pleasant walk or even just sit and take in the beauty. If you’re spending time with the grandkids, you could take them for a walk around the lake at Cleveland Park, and they can hit the playground afterward. 


This hobby is definitely for outdoorsy seniors. Gardening is a great way to boost your vitamin D and relieve stress while creating something beautiful — or something delicious! This summer hobby can also lead to new hobbies later in the year as temperatures drop again. You might learn to can and preserve your harvest, or to make jams and jellies from homegrown fruit. Already have a thriving garden? Organize a garden tea party so loved ones can appreciate the results of your labors.


Fishing is a great outdoor activity to enjoy for some peaceful solo time or with a loved one, such as a spouse, friend, or grandchild. The Spartanburg County Parks Department page maintains a list of good fishing spots in and around Spartanburg. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, consider taking a guided fly fishing lesson offered by local shop RiverBlade Knife & Fly!

Virtual Tourism

There are plenty of opportunities for those who want to explore all that summer in South Carolina has to offer but don’t want to slap on the SPF 100 or get sweaty to do so. Want to see some animals? The South Carolina Aquarium has virtual visit options, and the Greenville Zoo has multiple giraffe cams set up. Feel like taking in some culture? Visit the Columbia Museum of Art online. There’s a live webcam at Edisto Beach if you want to see the sun rise over the ocean without getting sandy, and there’s another at Table Rock State Park if you want an easy virtual trip to the mountains. Closer to home, Hatcher Garden’s virtual tour offers an online glimpse of one of Spartanburg’s most beautiful spots!


Reading is a hobby with all sorts of positive side effects. It’s another way to travel without leaving the air-conditioned comfort of your home. It helps keep your mind sharp. There are endless opportunities to explore new genres. Maybe you’ll find you love romance, can’t get enough of detective novels, or like learning about historical figures in biographies. You can read inside in your favorite armchair or take a book outside, whether into your own garden or to one of the great outdoor areas mentioned above. You can even make reading a social hobby — get some friends or family members together and start a summer book club!


Maybe all that reading will inspire you to give novel-writing a shot yourself! Or maybe you could start by writing a short story or even a poem. But this hobby doesn’t have to come with the pressure to produce something artistic — consider writing down some of your favorite memories, either in a journal or in some kind of keepsake for your loved ones in younger generations. Another great way to pick up writing as a summer hobby is to write letters or cards to friends who don’t live nearby. It will brighten someone’s day to see your name in their mailbox, and you might even start a pen pal exchange!


You don’t need to break the bank to try out photography! If you have a cellphone, you already have what you need to get started. Experiment with different subjects and composition. Try taking photos of the same thing at different times of day to see what lighting you like best. If you do find yourself becoming a shutterbug and want to invest in a “real camera,” options include one-time-use film cameras and digital point-and-shoots. Polaroid-style instant cameras are even making a comeback! 

However you decide to spend it, we at Eden Terrace of Spartanburg wish you a happy and healthy summertime. We’d love it if you stopped by for one of our summer social events, and we’re always happy to talk if you or a loved one is considering a move to senior living!

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