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Selecting the right memory care community for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia is a crucial decision. It requires careful consideration, because the wellness and quality of life of you or a loved one depends on it. Knoxville, TN, offers various options for memory care communities, each with its own unique set of benefits and services. To help you make an informed decision, here are five valuable tips for choosing the right memory care community that meets your specific needs in the Knoxville region.

1. Assess Specialized Care Services

Top memory care communities in Knoxville, TN, are designed to provide unique and specialized care for individuals with cognitive impairments. After all, no two people are the same and their care should reflect that need for personalization. When evaluating options, consider the range of services offered, including assistance with daily activities, medication management and memory-stimulating activities that meet your interests. When you tour a location, get to know the staff and their level of empathy as well as ensure there are plans in place to address the evolving needs of residents as their condition progresses.

2. Check for Adequate Safety Measures

Because many falls and fatal accidents occur in a non-monitored environment, such as at home, safety should be a top priority when considering a memory care community in Knoxville, TN. Examine the safety features in place, such as secured entry and exit points, monitoring systems and staff-to-resident ratios. Safety measures should be designed to prevent wandering towards danger as well as provide immediate action on the rare occasion an accident does occur. Above all, you want to find a community that not only keeps residents safe and healthy but provides an environment where they can move around comfortably.  

3. Visit, Ask, Observe

When considering memory care communities in Knoxville, TN, plan visits to observe the atmosphere and interactions between residents and staff. And never be afraid to ask questions! This way, you can consider the cleanliness, organization and general ambiance within the community. Additionally, pay close attention to the engagement level of residents in meaningful activities such as exercises and board games, because a warm and vibrant community is essential for the well-being of you or your loved one. 

4. Inquire About Specific Training

Similar to what we shared previously about specialized care options, dementia care requires specialized training as every need is unique. Inquire about the qualifications and ongoing training of caregivers, because they should be knowledgeable about the many forms of memory related conditions as well as be skilled in effective communication and behavior management techniques. Additionally, there should be many kinds of experts on staff, such as nutritionists, therapists, doctors, trainers and more so that no need goes overlooked and every resident feels their care expectations are met and exceeded. 

5. Research Resident Engagement  

Engaging activities are essential for residents’ cognitive and emotional wellness. In your search for the best Knoxville, TN, memory care community, ask about the variety of pastimes and programs offered and look for a calendar that is packed with fun things to do. The goal is to find a community that prioritizes memory-enhancing  activities, creative outlets and social interaction opportunities with new neighbors. These activities not only contribute to mental sharpness and clarity but also foster a sense of belonging and purpose. 

At Arbor Terrace of Knoxville, caring for residents with memory related conditions is our way of life. We know how choosing the right memory care community in Knoxville, TN is just as significant as any other major life decision and it’s essential to consider specialized care services, safety measures, atmosphere, staff expertise and much more. When you receive high quality care in a welcoming and secure environment, your quality of life is greatly enhanced.

Wondering where to begin on your personal journey toward a healthy and happy retirement with the best care possible? Download our free Memory Care Checklist, which is packed with more tips and things to consider based on your unique requirements.

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