Assisted Living in Fernandina Beach: What You Need to Know

Fernandina Beach is situated near Jacksonville, FL, which boasts an active cultural scene and plenty of fine dining options. It’s also a short drive from St. Augustine, the oldest European-founded city in the United States. As such, Fernandina Beach boasts a blend of old and new, merging historic landmarks and numerous museums with a modern art scene and up-and-coming music venues. Assisted living in Fernandina Beach offers the laid-back life of beach living, but with the comfort and assistance of quality senior care. If you’re considering a transition to assisted living, here’s what you need to know. 

Assisted Living: What to Expect 

Assisted living offers a path to greater independence for seniors who struggle with activities of daily living such as bathing and grooming. The frustrating reality of getting older is that sometimes your body makes it more difficult for you to do the things you would otherwise do. Assisted living helps you with those tasks, so you can focus on cultivating a retirement you love. 

In assisted living, you’ll also gain access to a welcoming community of independence-minded seniors who crave action and adventure as much as you do. Some features you can expect in assisted living include: 

  • Beautiful public spaces such as decorated meeting and game rooms. 
  • A well-decorated, safe, contemporary home. 
  • Help when you need it, and privacy when you want it. 
  • A wide range of activities, including exercise groups, classes on various hobbies, and myriad special events. 
  • Field trips to local attractions. 

Is Assisted Living Right for You?

Assisted living might be the perfect choice for you if: 

  • You live alone and worry about what would happen if you had an emergency.
  • Physical limitations have made it more difficult for you to enjoy your retirement. 
  • You need help with activities of daily living, such as grooming, cooking, or feeding yourself. 
  • Loved ones say they worry about your safety at home. 
  • You increasingly feel lonely or isolated. 
  • You want to make new friends without a lot of effort. 
  • You want to do more with your retirement, but you’re on a limited budget. 
  • The demands of homeownership feel increasingly overwhelming. 
  • You no longer drive.

How to Choose an Assisted Living Community

The people you trust the most—friends, family, your doctor, other healthcare providers—are a great source for senior living referrals. The Fernandina Beach Senior Center offers another great networking option, where you can meet other seniors and get their opinions on senior living. Then, begin the process of researching and narrowing your options: 

  1. Make a list of everything you want from assisted living, and then research each possible community option. Compare the offerings of each community to your list, and narrow your options based on the best fit. 
  2. Research each community. Look for online reviews, posts in support group forums, and other sources of personal insight into community life. 
  3. Plan a tour of each community. Attend a community event to get the most insight, since active moments in the community afford you the chance to get to know community members. Also, don’t forget to eat a meal while you’re there. 
  4. Ask to see a unit. As you tour the unit, ask a staffer any questions you have about community life. 
  5. Take time to process what you've seen, ideally with the help of a trusted loved one. If you feel like you need more information, schedule a follow-up tour. 
  6. Trust your gut, and make the decision that feels right to you. 

The Arbor Difference 

At Arbor, we know that quality senior living can change lives. That’s because we’ve seen it happen. Our assisted living community in Fernandina Beach caters to seniors who want to remain active, social members of their community. We offer a continuum of care options tailored to the needs of seniors of all ages and ability levels. We bridge the gap between what your mind wants and your body can do, so you can live the retirement of your dreams. 

We’d love to meet you so we can talk about your retirement goals. Give us a call or stop by one of our special events to learn more! 

Melissa Sloper

About the Author: Melissa Sloper

Melissa has 20 years of Senior Living Experience and a background in education. She has managed many Senior Living Communities on the East and West Coast as a Divisional Director of Operations before joining The Arbor Company. Melissa is dedicated to coaching and mentoring high quality teams. She is passionate about serving seniors. Recently Melissa and her family relocated from Washington State, trading in their rain coats for suntan lotion to join the team on Amelia Island.

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