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The Benefits of Companion Living in Memory Care

At Lakeside's Memory Care, we believe in the profound impact of companionship on the health and well-being of our residents. A recent survey highlighted by The Wall Street Journal reinforces our belief, showing that seniors in companion living arrangements report significantly higher levels of happiness, health, and overall life satisfaction. Our Companion Suites are meticulously designed to foster this sense of togetherness while providing private, comfortable living spaces for each resident.

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Activities for Seniors Popular Outdoor Spring Ideas for Seniors with Dementia in Fernandina Beach, FL

As spring breathes new life and fine weather into northeastern Florida, it offers a golden opportunity to engage those with memory conditions in revitalizing outdoor activities. Connecting with nature and enjoying the fresh air is shown across numerous studies to have profound benefits for individuals facing memory challenges. It’s time for you and your loved ones to join the fun!

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Community News Explore Our Amenities at The Lakeside at Amelia

Welcome to The Lakeside at Amelia Island, a place where luxury and comfort blend seamlessly to create an exceptional senior living experience. Our video takes you on a journey through the exquisite amenities and beautiful surroundings that our residents enjoy every day.

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Community News Celebrating the Tailgate Party at The Lakeside at Amelia Island

The Lakeside at Amelia Island recently hosted a vibrant tailgate party, bringing together residents and local community members in a celebration of football season. Our video, "Tailgate Party at The Lakeside!", captures the essence of this joyful event. Watch as our residents enjoy the company of local high school cheerleaders, who bring energy and excitement to our community.

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Activities for Seniors Fun Holiday Activities for Seniors in Fernandina Beach, FL

The holiday season is here and with it comes an abundance of warmth, joy and the perfect opportunity for older adults in the community of Fernandina Beach, FL to engage in delightful activities that foster a sense of community and celebration. Here’s your tailored guide to festive and fun holiday activities that will surely bring you and your loved ones a season filled with laughter, adventure, and cherished memories.

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Fitness The Importance of Health and Fitness at The Lakeside at Amelia Island

At The Lakeside at Amelia Island in Fernandina Beach, Florida, we're witnessing a remarkable transformation in the lives of our residents. They're excited about the fun challenge of active aging, and the results are nothing short of impressive. With a customized fitness program tailored to seniors, we're seeing fewer falls, improved mobility, and a newfound sense of happiness and health. This exciting initiative is made possible through our partnership with AAAI/ISMA Fitness, which provided our team with a specialized senior fitness certification training.

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Summer Fun at The Lakeside at Amelia Island!

Here at The Lakeside at Amelia Island, we believe that age is just a number and that seniors should have the chance to embrace the joys of summer. From engaging activities and events to social gatherings, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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Community News The Lakeside at Amelia Island Receives 2023 Readers' Choice Best of the Best Award

There is something truly special about a senior living community that feels like home—a space to thrive, build meaningful connections, and enjoy an active lifestyle. For this reason, it gives us great pleasure to announce that The Lakeside at Amelia Island has been honored with the prestigious 2023 Readers' Choice Best of the Best Award for Senior Living, presented by Fernandina News Leader.

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Live Life to the Fullest at The Lakeside

Discover the vibrant lifestyle of The Lakeside at Amelia Island. In this video, residents share their experiences and highlight many reasons why this community is an ideal place to call home. From the ease of transportation and breathtaking scenery to luxurious dining and convenient take-out options, The Lakeside at Amelia Island has it all.

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Community News Introducing the 2022 Arbor Star of the Year Patty Gomez

The Lakeside at Amelia Island is excited to announce the 2022 Lakeside Star of the Year, Patty Gomez! Our residents and employees agree that Patty is one of the greatest people around, and her dedication to her role as a concierge has earned her this prestigious award.

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