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Crabapple, Community News Marbled Pumpkins Project

In past years, residents at Arbor Terrace Crabapple have enjoyed fall outings to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm, a popular tourist attraction in Dawsonville, Ga., with hayrides, baked goods and more than 20 varieties of pumpkins. This year, in the interest of safety, the team brought the pumpkins to Arbor Terrace! 

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Crabapple, Community News Back to School Days - Arbor Terrace at Crabapple

Residents of Arbor Terrace at Crabapple went “back to school” last month – by way of favorite, old photos.  

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Crabapple, Community News Active Aging Week: Exercising and Socializing at Arbor Terrace at Crabapple

The hallways at Arbor Terrace at Crabapple are hives of exercise activity six days per week, as residents increase their fitness levels without straying too far from their front doors.

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Crabapple, Community News Peggy Keiser 95th Birthday

Happy 95th birthday to Margaret Louise “Peggy” Keiser, a resident of Arbor Terrace at Crabapple! 

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Senior Activities Our Favorite Way to Spend a Day in Crabapple, GA

As the largest state east of the Mississippi by land area, day trips in Georgia can take you from sunny coastal regions to rolling mountains, with scenic trips across green valleys in between. You don’t have to drive across the state to enjoy stunning vistas and exceptional dining.

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Crabapple New Tech Improves Family Interaction

To keep residents safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Arbor Company communities have changed the ways residents interact with family members and other visitors. Sometimes, that’s challenging. Especially for residents with hearing impairment, holding conversations through a window or across an outdoor courtyard can prove difficult.

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Senior Activities Fourth of July Activities for Seniors to Enjoy in Alpharetta

The COVID-19 epidemic has hit Georgia extremely hard, especially in the metro Atlanta area. Most parks have canceled public gatherings, and there will be no July 4 celebration at Wills Park this year. The dearth of large, traditional Independence Day gatherings doesn’t have to destroy your festive spirit, though. Here are some senior activities to help you celebrate the holiday while staying safe.

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Senior Activities, Senior-Friendly 6 Senior-Friendly Parks Near Arbor Terrace at Crabapple

Your local park is more than just scenic green space filled with trees. It’s a place where heart-friendly aerobic exercise is fun, where you can walk the dog without the stress of speeding cars, and where the grandkids can enjoy a picnic while you read a good book. Research consistently finds that access to green space can improve your mental health.

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Lifestyle, Family Activities Best Senior-Friendly Restaurants in Crabapple, GA

Many seniors look forward to a retirement that enables them to savor delicious meals, especially home-cooked ones. The truth is that no one can cook every meal, and dining out offers a welcome change of pace, especially if you make an evening of it with someone you love. These senior-friendly restaurants in Crabapple, Georgia, will ensure that you enjoy every meal. 

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Senior Activities Everything You Need to Know About the Crabapple Market

Milton, Georgia, was once a quiet mill town with miles of sprawling farms and more horses than people. But over the past few decades, Atlanta urbanites have fled the city, seeking a quieter life that still boasts all the conveniences of city living. As a result, Milton has grown into a thriving region all its own, with plenty of unique restaurants and boutiques, all while maintaining the friendly spirit, low crime, and verdant pastures of its past. You don’t have to spend your Milton retirement riding horses or tending a garden if you prefer the faster pace of city life. The Crabapple Market has breathed new life into Milton, and is everyone’s favorite destination for brunch, shopping, and more. 

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