Discover the transformative power of Dementia Live certification at Arbor Terrace Crabapple in Alpharetta! In this captivating video, you'll hear firsthand accounts from our dedicated staff members who have undergone this specialized training. Dementia Live equips our team with the knowledge and empathy needed to truly understand the experiences of our residents, enabling us to provide the highest quality of memory care.

Through Dementia Live, our staff members are empowered to face the unique challenges of dementia head-on, fostering a supportive and compassionate community for our residents. This training not only enhances their skills but also deepens their connection with those in their care. By using tactics such as speaking directly to our residents, face to face, our employees gain invaluable insights into their daily lives, allowing them to better comprehend and respond to their needs.

At Arbor Terrace Crabapple, we believe in going beyond traditional care approaches. Our commitment to Dementia Live certification demonstrates our dedication to improving the lives of individuals living with dementia. Watch the video to learn how this training has transformed our community and discover the difference it can make in providing the care and support our residents deserve.

Listen to our staff members and witness the impact of Dementia Live training firsthand! 

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