Peggy Keiser

Happy 95th birthday to Margaret Louise “Peggy” Keiser, a resident of Arbor Terrace at Crabapple

Peggy now lives in Arbor Terrace’s memory care neighborhood, but was mentally sharp until just a few years ago. Her daughter, Judith Bredahl, kindly shared her story. 

Born in 1925, Peggy witnessed many turbulent periods of American history.  She lived through the Great Depression, although her memories of that time were a bit unusual. Due to difficult family circumstances, Peggy and her younger sister grew up in a Methodist orphanage in Philadelphia.  

“They were never hungry,” said Judith. “The orphanage had a pool, and Mom even had piano lessons. They had a pretty good life there, but of course, no family.” 

After World War II started, Peggy and her sister moved in with an aunt and uncle. Peggy took a job with the Navy, handling inspections for manufacturing operations in the Allentown, Pa., area. 

1 (8)Peggy met her husband, Stanley (“Skip”) after the war. The couple settled down in Egypt, Pa., and raised a family, daughter Judith and a son, Tom. Sadly, Peggy was widowed at age 46. Almost everyone in that small town knew Peggy, because she lived there more than 50 years, and worked at a small grocery store, and then for 25 years as a clerk in the local bank. 

“People knew her as someone who was quiet, but always the sweetest person, and very kind,” Judith said. Peggy enjoyed reading, knitting, sewing, and crocheting. 

Judith attributes her mom’s longevity to her active life. 

“She always walked a lot,” she said. “As a young working person, she walked to her job and just about everywhere she had to go. We grew up in a big house with a large yard, and Mom always did a lot of gardening and yard work.”

Today, Peggy is the proud grandmother of six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Judith and her husband were able to visit and share some ice cream to celebrate Peggy’s big day. 

Please join us in wishing Peggy a very happy birthday!  


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