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Assisted living 4 Things to Consider When Searching for Assisted Living in Atlanta

Starting your search for an assisted living community that will suit your loved one’s needs and preferences is overwhelming, to say the least. It is difficult to jump into the realm of senior living, especially when everyone you talk to seems to speak a different language, full of phrases like “levels of care” and “medication management.” Fortunately, the greater Atlanta area offers a variety of senior living communities that offer assisted living. Unfortunately, however, the list can sometimes feel like it’s too long to conquer.

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Assisted living 3 Things to Consider When Searching for Assisted Living in Canton, GA

When you begin your search for an assisted living community in Canton, Georgia, you may not know where to start. It is certainly overwhelming when you weigh the possibilities and start to consider moving into a new home. Fortunately, choosing an assisted living community can be easier than you expect when you consider the care, the culture, and the community. Taking these three characteristics into consideration when touring assisted living communities can help you be confident that you are choosing a home that will keep you, or your senior loved one, healthy and happy.

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Assisted living How Assisted Living Is Different at The Arbor at BridgeMill

When you or your loved one is actively searching for senior living, it’s important to do research. Not all senior living communities are the same, which means that not every senior living community can meet your needs or budget. Fortunately, you can find plenty of options when it comes to senior living here in the Canton area. Unfortunately, not all of them provide the quality care or have the amenities that assisted living at The Arbor at BridgeMill does. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your search for exceptional assisted living.

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Independent living How You Can Help Your Loved One Transition to Independent Living Near Canton, GA

Transitioning to independent living can be scary. You may worry that you’re taking your loved one away from a home they love. Your loved one may be anxious about an uncertain future. These anxieties are normal, but there’s good news. Most seniors are happier in senior living communities. Independent living offers a wide range of amenities your loved one just can’t get at home. The right community scaffolds seniors to greater independence, supporting their efforts to remain healthy and active and preventing the pain of loneliness and isolation. A Canton retirement can help your loved one achieve a fulfilling life and an active lifestyle. The right community can be part of that plan. If it’s time to make a move, here’s how to help your loved one transition to independent living.

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Community News The History Behind Canton, Georgia | The Arbor Company

Canton, Georgia, is a small town with a very rich history. It’s located just 4o miles northeast of Atlanta at the southern end of the Blue Ridge mountains. The Etowah River flows through the center of town.

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Senior Life, Senior Hobbies Summer Reading List: 10 Books Featuring Atlanta Authors

Atlanta is the home or birthplace of some of the nation’s most beloved authors. Blending the city’s strong history of civil rights activism with its deep connection to nature and love of Southern history, these writers offer the best Southern literature has to offer. So what should you read this summer? Here are our picks for senior summer reading.

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Dementia, Dementia Care How to Find the Best Dementia Care in Canton, GA

All seniors hope to stay healthy as they age, but even more than they worry about their physical health, they worry they will develop dementia. And there’s a good chance they may. According to the Alzheimer's Association, almost 6 million Americans, ages 65 and older, are living with Alzheimer’s dementia. And the longer you live, the greater the odds are that you will develop it.

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Independent living 2020: Should You Still Make the Move to an Independent Living Community in Canton, GA?

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many plans into disarray. The big move, exciting concert, and fabulous vacation you were planning may now be little more than distant memories. But what about a transition to independent living? If you were weighing the benefits of a move before the pandemic, you might be thinking twice now. Yet independent living is a better investment than ever. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering making a move in 2020.

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Active Senior Living How Cherokee County Seniors Can Retain an Active Lifestyle in 2020

Maintaining an active senior lifestyle is a key ingredient in the recipe for good health. Physical activity can help you maintain a healthy body weight, avoid diseases like diabetes, live longer, and keep your mind healthy. It might even prevent dementia and mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. Yet staying active can be difficult when you can’t leave home or call your workout buddy and go for a walk.

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Independent living 6 Myths About Independent Living That Aren't True

You’ve recently retired. Your kids have left home, and you’re looking forward to the next stage of your life. First on the agenda may be selling the family home and moving to a smaller space. If this describes you or a loved one, you may want to consider independent living.

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