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Everything You Need to Know About Senior Living in Canton, GA

Two generations ago, Canton, Georgia, was a rural agrarian city. Today, it retains its nature-loving roots, and you’ll find plenty of horses, goats, and farms. The city has grown by leaps and bounds, making it the ideal home for people who want a little bit of country life in the city — or for couples facing the classic Green Acres-style dilemma of one partner craving city life and fine dining while the other just wants some pastoral peace and quiet. From 2000-2010, Canton’s population more than tripled. All that activity has ushered in new options for senior living in Canton, including The Arbor at BridgeMill.

Senior living in Canton falls into three general categories: independent living, assisted living, and dementia care. If you’re weighing your options, here’s how to choose which type of community is right for you.

Senior Living in Canton: Independent Living

Independent living is a great option for senior living in Canton if you don’t need help with activities of daily living but want to live in a safe, secure, low-maintenance community of fellow seniors.

Like assisted living, independent living communities often resemble luxury apartments or condo communities. Senior living communities such as The Arbor at BridgeMill in Canton even offer freestanding independent living cottages. This community also boasts a continuum of care. If your needs change, or if your spouse needs more support than you do, you can transition to assisted living without moving.

Expect to see amenities such as pools, wellness centers, exercise rooms, clubhouses, and communal spaces in independent living communities. These amenities, along with planned social events and activities, help residents remain active, engaged, and healthy. Meanwhile, homes are virtually maintenance- free.

Senior Living in Canton: Assisted Living

Assisted living is the most flexible type of senior living in Canton. By providing care plans that are tailored to meet the needs of individual seniors, assisted living strives to help them remain active and independent well into the future. You’ll get the same amenities and senior activities you would enjoy in independent living, including plenty of classes, field trips, and special events. You’ll also enjoy help when you need it.

And with that independence comes freedom. Assisted living residents are free to come and go as they please. You can take in a matinee at the Canton Theatre, or watch your grandchildren play at Etowah River Park. When you return home, you won’t have to worry about making dinner, either. Meals and nutritious snacks are included in monthly rates. Other perks to look for in assisted living include:

  • Personalized care: Look for assisted living communities to offer tiered-care plans that enable residents to get just the right amount of help with activities of daily living (ADLs) both today and in the future.
  • Planned events: Assisted living communities should be bustling; a busy slate of social activities and events keeps residents happy, healthy, and engaged.
  • Amenities: Assisted living communities often resemble luxury apartment communities, with wellness centers, swimming pools, workout rooms, and beautiful grounds; great communities strive to make residents love where they live.
  • Transportation: Transportation services can be made available for appointments and dates with family and friends in the community, but residents also have the option of having their own car.
  • Family support: Caregiver burnout is real. Assisted living can help alleviate caregiver stress, while making it easier to have a good relationship with your family. Ask about family support programs and whether family members are welcome at community events.

One of the top concerns of people looking for senior living in Canton is privacy. Assisted living communities such as The Arbor at BridgeMill in Canton offer private rooms with layouts that accommodate different price points.

Senior Living in Canton: Dementia Care

Dementia care is a form of senior living that is designed specifically for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Residents receive 24-hour supervision and programs tailored by dementia care specialists to meet the unique needs of individuals at different stages of dementia.

Dementia care has improved the quality of life for those who suffer from different forms of dementia, as well as for family caregivers — but early research indicates that dementia care programs have shown great promise in accomplishing much more.

Those who took part in dementia care programs that focused on cognitive training strategies, specific memory training, problem-solving exercises, multisensory stimulation, word games and puzzles, socialization, and the use of memory aids such as notebooks and computers scored significantly higher on cognitive assessments, experienced fewer behavioral disturbances, and enjoyed better overall moods in preliminary studies.

Senior living communities that offer dementia care can be a huge asset either today or in the future for those searching for senior living in Canton. And if you have dementia but don’t yet need care, consider a Canton senior living community that offers both assisted living and dementia care, so you can get extra support when you need it.

Senior Living in Canton: Starting Your Search

Canton is a growing, welcoming city, with a growing number of welcoming senior living communities to match. Senior living in Canton can relieve the burdens of homeownership, save you money, improve your relationship with your loved ones, and enrich your life with daily activities and celebrations. For help finding the perfect fit, download our free guide, “Finding a Safe and Comfortable Senior Living Community.”

Safe & Comfortable Senior Living Community Guide

Brooke Figueras

About the Author: Brooke Figueras

Brooke’s passion for serving seniors began upon graduating from the University of Georgia in 2003. She moved to Canton with her family to join The Arbor Company in 2017 and couldn’t be happier.

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