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For many seniors, Dacula, Georgia, is the perfect retirement destination. As a thriving exurb of Atlanta, Dacula boasts low crime, high quality of life, and all of the conveniences of suburban living. Enjoy a weekend at Mall of Georgia, or head outdoors to hike, camp, and play with the grandkids at Little Mulberry Park, Rabbit Hill Park, or one of the city’s many other greenspaces. If you crave adventure and a change of pace, Atlanta is less than an hour away. If you are weighing senior living options in Dacula, here’s what you need to know. 

Types of Senior Living 

Senior living comes in many varieties, but one thing is certain: The days of quiet retirement and nursing homes are long gone. Today’s seniors crave active, engaged retirements, even when they struggle with cognitive or physical impairments. The most popular senior living options include: 

  • Independent senior living. These communities offer a rich variety of activities, classes, and field trips. They cater to independent, healthy seniors who need little or no help. Some also use home health aides and other services to support seniors whose needs are changing. 
  • Assisted living. Assisted living communities offer benefits similar to those of independent living, including activities tailored to residents’ needs. In assisted living, however, seniors get more help to remain independent, and can get support with activities of daily living, such as bathing and cooking. 
  • Dementia care. These communities cater to the unique needs of seniors with dementia and other cognitive impairments. In dementia care, the focus is on keeping seniors safe while addressing their evolving cognitive needs. 

Is It Time for Senior Living? 

Some signs that it might be time to consider senior living in Dacula include: 

  • You don’t live near Dacula and are not able to help your loved one as much as you would like. 
  • Your loved one is increasingly lonely. 
  • Your loved one is healthy and independent, but seems isolated or has trouble enjoying retirement. 
  • There are signs of cognitive impairment, such as a recent dementia diagnosis, trouble with daily activities, or frequent confusion. 
  • Your loved one has a chronic medical condition and needs daily help. 
  • Your loved one does not want or cannot afford in-home care. 
  • You’re acting as the primary caregiver for your loved one, but are increasingly overwhelmed or burned out. 
  • Your loved one has recently suffered a fall or other health crisis, and you’re worried they can’t be safe at home. 
  • Your loved one’s partner or spouse seems overwhelmed, stressed, or angry about the challenges of providing care. 
  • You think your loved one could enjoy better, healthier aging in a more supportive community. 
  • You’re worried that physical or cognitive impairments prevent your loved one from fully enjoying their Dacula retirement. 

Comparing Communities 

Dacula offers numerous exceptional senior living communities that can cater to seniors of all backgrounds and needs. The search begins by identifying the specific type of community that will be the best fit for your loved one. Next, make a list of your ideal community’s attributes. Do you want a small, close-knit community, a place that offers tons of activities, or a strong emphasis on healthy dining? Be sure to include your loved one in this discussion; it’s their life, and their future. 

Next, tour some communities — ideally during an active time, such as during a meal or community event. Ask to see an apartment or home, and don’t shy away from talking to residents. If they seem happy and engaged, and the staff is friendly and welcoming, you may have found the perfect fit. 

For more than three decades, The Arbor Company has served seniors and their families, helping them navigate every stage of the aging journey. We’d love to help you weigh your senior living options. Give us a call to learn more! 

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