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10 Helpful Services for Seniors in Decatur, GA

Decatur, Georgia, consistently ranks among the nation’s best places to live. Blending small-town charm with a vibrant restaurant scene and high-fashion shopping, there’s a little something for everyone here. Citizens are highly engaged, and the city encourages people to volunteer, get involved in local politics, and connect to their neighbors. With the Centers for Disease Control, Emory University and the Emory University memory care clinic nearby, it’s also a great place for seniors with chronic health issues. These helpful services for seniors in Decatur can help you make the most of your retirement, whether you’re craving adventure or just need some help completing Medicare paperwork.

1. Reliable Transportation Services

The Decatur area is full of transportation services that seniors can utilize when (or if) they no longer choose to drive. Beyond being a community that is built for walking or biking, there are also transportation services that are available to seniors for a minimal fee. The downtown Decatur MARTA station is centrally located and within walking distance from most Decatur homes. Check out this list of services from the Atlanta Area Agency on Aging, as well as I CARE, a volunteer-driven agency that provides free transportation to seniors throughout the Decatur area.

2. Active Senior Centers

Seniors living in the Decatur area have access to two centrally located senior centers, each with events and amenities guaranteed to serve the needs of participants. From swimming pools to community garden plots, to yoga, to line dancing, seniors are sure to make new friends and have fun during their visits to the senior centers.

3. Office of Senior Affairs

The Decatur area’s Office of Senior Affairs is an excellent resource for seniors and their family members. As the designated Nutrition Services Provider for the county, the Office of Senior Affairs is the first stop for setting up Meals on Wheels services or finding out where congregate meals are offered to seniors throughout the area.

4. A Commitment to Active Living

The city of Decatur is committed to providing ways for every citizen to be more active. The Decatur Active Living Division hosts year-round events for people of all ages and also offers a number of helpful services for seniors in Decatur. It’s a great starting point for meeting new friends and connecting to your community. The area also proudly houses many exceptional museums

5. Helpful Senior Services at the Library

A community library is an excellent addition to any city, and the town of Decatur is no exception. The DeKalb County Public Library system is especially committed to seniors, with senior-only events ranging from health lectures to book discussions. You can also find a variety of books (including large print and audio for those who may have vision difficulties) available for checkout or delivery. The large downtown Decatur library is home to dozens of book talks each year, and a primary location for the beloved annual Decatur Book Festival

6. Opportunities for Employment

For seniors who aren’t quite ready for full-time retirement or who are looking to pick up new skills while collecting a paycheck, Decatur is full of small and large businesses that are seeking to hire qualified candidates. Beyond searching on your own, you may also be qualified for employment support through the Senior Community Service Employment Program.

7. Welcoming Places of Worship

Seniors in the Decatur area can find welcoming fellowship in any place of worship they choose. Most churches and temples offer senior groups and opportunities, which can include volunteerism, meals, or religious study.

8. Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support

With the Alzheimer’s Association’s regional office located in nearby Atlanta, the residents of Decatur enjoy the frequent presence of expertise in monthly support groups. There are currently more than five Alzheimer’s Association support groups throughout the Decatur region, which makes it easy to find one that works for your schedule.

9. A Supportive Medical System

The hospital system throughout DeKalb County is committed to providing educational support as well as peer support groups to residents in the Decatur area. You can learn more about specialized support groups, including those for grief and cancer, here. Emory University is known across the world for its memory care clinic as well as its clinical trials. 

10. Exceptional Senior Living

If you or your senior loved one are looking for additional assistance, a senior living community may be the best choice. The Decatur area has many options to choose from, including Arbor Terrace of Decatur. Call the team to learn more about assisted living and dementia care services, as well as to inquire about upcoming support groups or educational seminars.

Arbor Terrace of Decatur is a beloved part of the Decatur community, located just a few blocks from a MARTA station and within walking distance from some of the area’s best restaurants. We know how to create exceptional retirements and would love to help you realize your retirement dreams. We believe active living can help you make retirement your best chapter yet. Give us a call to learn more!

This blog post was updated January 2021.

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