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In 1991, gas prices were $1.20 per gallon, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl, and “Dances With Wolves” won the Academy Award for Best Picture. It was also the year that The Arbor Company opened its first community, Arbor Terrace Decatur, just outside of Atlanta.

The community recently marked its milestone 30th anniversary with a celebration, commemorating three decades of providing the highest quality lifestyle, engagement, and care to seniors. 

During the celebration, the community recognized staff members who have been with the organization for more than 15 years. Among those celebrated were three staff members who have served for nearly 30 years: Peggy, Paula, and Pebbles Smith. Peggy and Paula are sisters, and their niece, Pebbles, has also worked alongside them to provide top-notch service to residents. Two more of their family members who worked at the community recently retired.

Pebbles started at the community as a result of a working relationship she had with the first executive director. She said working alongside her family has been a good experience, and they keep it professional and view each other as colleagues. 

“We made a pact at the beginning that when we come into the community, it’s Peggy, Paula, and Pebbles,” said Pebbles. “It works well for us.”

Mary Alice, a resident who moved in last year, credits the Smith trio for why she moved in, since they took care of her mother 25 years ago. She called it her “yes” moment. 

“Mary Alice knew who we were when she got here,” Pebbles said. “She looked at us and said, ‘You took care of my mom.’ It’s been very emotional.” 

She also went on to say her favorite moment of the celebration was seeing her aunt Paula be acknowledged for having been at the community since day one.

“The celebration was very beautiful,” she said.

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Chris Harper

About the Author: Chris Harper

As the vice president of communications for The Arbor Company, Chris is responsible for digital marketing, public relations, technology and design.

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