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One of the best parts of living at Arbor Terrace is the chance to dive into everything that life in Decatur, Georgia has to offer.

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Senior Living in Decatur

With its wonderful cultural offerings and ample nature space to recharge, Decatur is one of the best spots in Georgia to retire. We are grateful and excited to be part of the inclusive Decatur community, shopping at our neighbors’ businesses, and giving back.

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Featured Neighborhood Key Places

Decatur Square

Decatur Square

A neat place to shop, dine, or sip coffee in the gorgeous outdoor space, the Decatur Square offers delights for everyone. Explore with a friend or get chatting with the locals in a lively setting.

Glenlake Park

Glenlake Park

Spacious greenery with plenty of playgrounds for the grandkids, comfy seating for picnics, and even an outdoor pool, this park is a fantastic location to relax or get active, whatever your mood.

DeKalb History Center Museum

DeKalb History Center Museum

This popular county museum offers history tours, exhibits, member programs, and events. Dive into the area’s backstory and learn all about its unique history and people.

Waffle House Museum

Waffle House Museum

A delicious spot to indulge with a tasty treat and a charming little museum (on the site of the country's first Waffle House restaurant) all in one, this is a place you’ll want to bring your grandkids and all of your friends!

Decatur restaurant

Local Restaurants

This area is known for its rich food scene, so bring your appetite as you sample all the cuisines you crave. Whether you like Mediterranean, Italian, seafood, or American, you can satisfy your taste buds here in all the right ways.

Decatur Local Shopping

Local Shopping

Are you looking for a present for a loved one or maybe a little gem for yourself? Decatur’s many charming little shops have you browsing and finding in no time. Bring a friend to make a day out of it!

Explore Decatur, GA

Discover the neighborhood and find your next places to explore.

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You can find exactly what you want and need in a community at Arbor Terrace . Discover which option will work best for your current (and future) needs, all on one campus.

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Assisted Living

Extra peace of mind and assistance will give you the confidence you need to stay active and healthy.

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Memory Care

Designed especially for seniors living with Alzheimer’s Disease or another type of dementia, you will find safety, comfort, and meaningful relationships.

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