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Congratulations to Arbor Terrace of Burnt Hickory resident Betty Darden, who celebrated two big milestones this month. She turned 91 on Monday, Oct. 26, and recently became a great-grandmother! 

A member of the Greatest Generation, Darden was born in Atlanta and attended Girls High. Her wide-ranging career included working in public relations (after teaching herself photography) and owning a children’s clothing shop. Until just a few years ago, Darden was active in Mount Paran Church in Atlanta. She loves Sudoku, game shows and British mysteries. 

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"Mom has led an amazing life,” said her son, David Darden. “She was born during the stock market crash in the Great Depression. She survived the tragic loss of a child and managed life as a working single parent. For many years she worked two jobs to set aside money for her long-term care.  She is a survivor and we are all amazed at her strength and good health."

(And we can’t neglect to mention that David Darden serves as Cobb County State Court judge, an accomplishment that makes his mother very proud.)

Betty (1)Darden has two children, four grandchildren and recently became a great-grandmother. To celebrate the occasion, the Engagement team at Arbor Terrace organized a baby shower. Darden and her neighbors rolled diapers and made a beautiful diaper cake to send to baby and parents! 

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