In our senior years, nothing beats the feeling and familiarity of home – however, when it comes to caring for an aging loved one, it’s imperative they receive the additional care and support they need to maximize their longevity and even more importantly their quality of life.

For this reason, many of us and our families face the important decision of choosing between an assisted living community and at-home caregiving. In Glenview, Illinois, both options are available and each with its own advantages and considerations. Here, we take a look at some of the top advantages of assisted living, so you can make the most informed and confident decision about the quality care you and your loved ones deserve.   

Top Safety and Security Around the Clock

Assisted living communities in Glenview, IL are typically equipped with pre-existing security features  and on-site medical services to ensure the health and safety of residents at all times. This added layer of protection goes a step further than at home care, with the number of deaths in the home increasing 13% in 2021 and the rate of preventable injury-related deaths in the home increasing 320%. For this reason, opting for assisted living can be very reassuring for both seniors and their family members.

Social interaction and Companionship

As opposed to at-home living, seniors in assisted living communities are able to enjoy more of the benefits of social interaction and companionship among their peers. Living in a community setting not only encourages residents to form friendships and engage in group activities, but also helps them combat feelings of isolation and meet the need for increased mental stimulation, which are common concerns for those who receive at-home care.  

Financial Predictability

An additional benefit of opting for assisted living are the pricing models that provide financial predictability, including all-inclusive rates for services. When living at home, one common disadvantage is the need to make frequent changes to care and the increased number of medical emergencies that occur in the home. Top assisted living communities in Glenview, IL, make it much easier for families to budget and plan for their loved one’s care, now and in the future. 

Structured Daily Activities

 Top assisted living communities offer a structured daily routine filled with activities that cater to each individual's various interests and abilities. These activities promote physical, mental and emotional well-being, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents. Additionally, specialized teams within a community are usually actively accommodating to changing needs of residents as they arise, so that each senior can receive maximum fulfillment in their favorite pastimes without sacrifice. 

Maintenance-Free Living

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages to assisted living is the worry-free, maintenance-free way of living. Where at-home care can require significant and costly modifications to the senior’s living space, a top assisted living community in Glenview, IL ensures a safe, clean and comfortable environment where each resident can enjoy life to the fullest. Dining is another component that can be costly and cumbersome at home, but in a community of dedicated professionals, it turns into an enjoyable, social experience free from hassle. 

While at-home caregiving can be a suitable choice for some, depending on the level of care that is required, an assisted living community in Glenview, IL, offers a wide range of advantages, including professional care, social interaction, structured activities and more. At Arbor Terrace Glenview, providing a safe and supportive environment for seniors is more than a job to us, it’s our life’s mission. That’s why we created the Complete Guide to Assisted Living—everything you need to know about this level of care that could benefit your aging loved one.

Our dedicated team takes the decision between at-home caregiving and an assisted living community very seriously and looks at every angle to help families make the right choice. Ultimately, the goal is the same in every case – to ensure seniors receive the best possible care and enjoy the years to come to the fullest.

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